New Executive Editor Joins B2B News Network

kris schulze
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A former enterprise software marketing exec will lead customer content initiatives at B2BNN.
B2B News Network announced today that enterprise marketer Kris Schulze has joined the team as Executive Editor responsible for customer programs.
“I am so excited to join the B2BNN team, to help them develop and expand their content-driven lead generation programs for B2B marketers,” said Schulze, formerly with SAP partner Axxiome Group. “B2B marketing is continually evolving, and B2BNN’s offerings, from data-driven and editorial-led lead generation, to business graphic novels, are leading the industry.”
“Kris is a firecracker, a great communicator and a person who gets things done!” said B2BNN President Jen Evans. “Very happy to be working together again!”
B2BNN, the world’s leading site for B2B news, was founded in 2014 and focuses on sales, marketing, tech, and financial services, from mature companies to startups. The company’s customers include SAP, Edelman, SheEO World, and 33Seven.
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