3 Killer Customer Service Tips to Satisfy More Customers

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Studies show that more than half of Americans have scrapped a planned purchase from a brand as soon as they find out about its poor customer service.

Surprising? Well, not really!

Customer service from businesses has been playing an increasingly important role when it comes to purchases. Many customers consider that part of the value of the purchase.

However, many new brands still struggle with providing quality customer service. Here’s a list of 3 killer customer service tips for satisfying your customers better.

1. Improve Your Team’s Customer Skills

The first thing you need is the right skillset. As mentioned in the section above, your product may be exactly what the purchaser wants, but you can still lose the deal.

A common reason? Poor customer service. And that makes sense, after all, who would want to buy from a brand that can’t help the purchaser when they need it? This is why it’s important to train your employees and help them build better customer skills.

Speaking of how that can be achieved, here’s a bunch of pointers.

  • Empathy: The first key to persuading your prospects is to empathize with them. Talk about their problems. The issues that your product solves. How their lives might be becoming difficult due to that particular problem.

    This will make your prospects relate better to you and make them feel like you know their problem and can help them.

  • Patience: The second customer skill you need your employees to master is patience.

    As some of your customers may be easy to handle and satisfy, others may get your employees in a sweat. While dealing with customers like, these your employees will need patience. So, make sure you train them adequately for being patient when the tough customer calls for help.

  • Knowledge: How will your customer service employees be able to solve your customers’ queries if they don’t have the right knowledge?

    In fact, the conversation may turn unprofessional and pointless. This is why it’s important to ensure your employees have the right knowledge of your products and services and how they function. Also, it’s important to train them through the entire troubleshooting processes, so they can help your customers.

2. Make Use of Social Media

With a large number of internet users spending a big part of their day on social media platforms, for brands, it becomes crucial to be active on these platforms.

Twitter alone has almost 335 million active users. This large amount offers many opportunities for brands that are trying to solve their customers’ queries.

For example, see how Adobe nails customer service every time a customer comes up with a query on Twitter.

And then this one time when they helped Rob with this thread.


Looks great, right? Well, that’s Adobe for you, with a lot to learn from.

3. Employ a Cloud Contact Centre Software

A set of software called “cloud contact center solutions” is making life easier for customer service executives around the globe.

Providing a number of useful features for contact centers in large organizations requiring multiple communications channels, this suite can help contact centers maintain seamless contact with customers or clients.

One of the most popular and efficient cloud contact center solutions is UniVoIP cloud contact center.

For a better understanding, have a look at the top features of cloud contact center software.

  • Preview dialer
  • Progressive dialer
  • IVR blast – SMS & Voice
  • Call barge-in & monitoring
  • CRM Integration
  • Real-time dashboard & analytics
  • Call recording
  • Multi-channel communication

So, you see? There’s no doubt that a cloud contact center software can help you take your customer service operations to another level. All you need to do is employ one and ensure efficient use of its features.

Final words

Customer service is one of the most important business functions that no business can do without. And as the times are changing, the whole deal of customer service techniques has started going beyond voice calls and emails.

In this post, we talked about some of the hottest customer service tips that can help businesses satisfy their customers better.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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