Reasons Why Hiring A Trade Show Booth Design Company Is A Good Option

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What are trade shows?

A trade show refers to as an exhibition or expo where businesses of a particular industry gather to promote their products or services. Trade shows featuring famous companies/products last for several days and usually take place in a convention center.

The exclusiveness of a Trade show

A trade show can be public or private depending upon the exclusiveness of the event. Local public trade shows are usually set and held in hotels or places open to the public. Whereas a private trade show is more prone to take place in a convention center or an already booked private hall with exclusive tickets or invites.

Purpose of a Trade show

No matter public or private, all trade shows offer the same purpose; to connect people and businesses of the same industry. Examination of recent trends, enlighten yourself on what your competitor is offering and what is working in the market and what is not.

Activities in a Trade show

A trade show usually demonstrates the following activities:

·        Workshops and Presentations related to the business

·        Interact with the public and media to advertise your product

·        Grow your network

·        Demonstrate your product to the relevant audience

·        Have fun throughout the process

What is a Trade show Booth?

A trade show booth normally refers to as the specific area assigned by the management to a party participating in the trade show so they can showcase and advertise their product to the public/attendees of the event.

Size of a trade show booth

The size of your booth can vary upon the space provided by the management. However, a standard trade show booth has the size 10 x 10 ft according to the US size. If they require a bigger size, then it depends on what you opt for.

Trade show Booth Designs

With the emerging trend of hosting and participating in trade shows, the concept of designing a booth is becoming a crucial step in the entire process. The public is becoming picky hence, the bar for designing the booth is rising.

In terms of theme, creativity, talent and not to forget the technical side of designing a trade show booth, the level has increased to a huge extent. As an attendee of the show, it totally depends on what catches the eye at first glance.

What is a trade show booth design company?

Hiring a trade show booth design company to design the booth on event day has become very popular nowadays. Over time, these companies have become extremely popular for people who are willing to participate in the coming lifechanging trade expo but somehow lack the time or creativity to design their own booth.

A trade show booth design company steps in when the participants of the expo lack mean to execute the design and assemble on their own.

Rise of Booth design companies

Such companies have taken a toll on their growth due to an increase in the concept of exhibitions and expos. People around the globe have started to get together hence every business wants their company to shine and succeed in advertising what they have to offer.


The focus of these companies lies in satisfying their customers. Customer-orientation has become more and more popular in all businesses.

Steps to hiring the perfect booth design company

Before you select the company that you think fits perfectly according to your requirements, here are a few steps you need to follow:

·        Set a Budget

Select a certain budget to suit the requirements. A trade show is merely a gamble where your performance, as well as the response of the audience, matters a lot. Hence spending too much money on an event with unpredictable results is mere foolishness.

·        Choose a Company

There are several companies available in the market that can cater to your requirements. Before you finalize the company, it is important to do market research and understand the working procedure of each company. From there, you can choose the company optimal for your requirements.

·        Explain your Requirement

After finalizing the company, it is important to describe your requirement to them. Unless you don’t elaborate what you guys are offering and what you want to display, no one will be able to understand. Explaining your demand clearly is very important.

·        Choose a Theme

A good company will always have a portfolio or gallery ready for its users. Since you are likely to opt for a good company, it is your right to request for their previous work templates and what they have achieved. Choosing a theme for the templates or going for a customized one is your choice.

·        Start Work

Have faith in the company you have chosen. After clearly requesting what you need, all you need is to give them space to let them play with their creativity. If still, you need modifications, you can always request your trade show booth design company to do that for you. \

Reasons to Select a Trade show booth design company

Since you must be wondering why to make such kind of an investment, or probably unsure about what to do, let’s discuss the reasons for hiring such a company.

·        No Headache of managing

All you need to do is set a budget and allocate it to the company. They will design everything on behalf of you and your company. Make useful suggestions to help them improve the way your booth looks but leave rest on them.

·        Creativity

They can have an edge over a standard businessman designing his own boot. Just like you do your business the best it deserves, their job is to provide you with the best to their clients.

·        More prone to restraint circumstances

Trade show booth design companies are more prone to working under pressure. They know how to work under a set budget and manage everything in that. Not only this, but their managers are more likely to consider valuable suggestions and alter everything on your behalf.

·        Flexible

They tend to have a more flexible approach in case of abrupt change.

·        Craftsmen

Work that requires labor is covered easily by them as they provide their best craftsmen to make your booth stand out among the crowd.

·        Understanding

It is obvious that with time in the industry, they know the trend and they also know what is considered chic in the market and what is not. This can also help you alter your company design according to what the audience might like.

Concluding with the best

Before concluding this article we will brief you on the best trade show booth design companyExhibitus. We have been operational in the industry catering to the booth design needs of a variety of clients. We offer a perfect blend of creativity and technical ability.

We have been offering premium services for at the most effective prices that have never left a customer disappointed. Demand for Exhibitus among the top-notch clients of the States has enabled us to perform efficiently in the industry.

We have been able to start our company from scratch and with our hard work and dedication, our name stands on the top among the best-rate trade show booth design companies across the globe. Work with us to see the true meaning of customer satisfaction and talent.

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