Cybersecurity: Problems, Risks, and Solutions

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Information risks are a real problem for modern business. No matter what niche your company operates in, it is exposed to the actions of hackers and cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely isolate your business from the risks of this kind. The absence of a company official website negatively affects its rating, brand, customer loyalty, and trust. What is more, a big deal of information is stored online and is shared among company stakeholders in an electronic form as well. How to assure 100% data safety? If you use VPNs, you can hide IP and prevent cyber attacks. Let’s dig deeper into the question. Also, you can see more information on

Problem of Cybersecurity

Any modern business cannot be imagined without the use of computer and information technology. At different stages of the business processes, any enterprise works with all sorts of informational assets:

  1. personal data about employees, managers, owners, and shareholders;
  2. information about customers, partners, and suppliers;
  3. information on contracts and deliveries;
  4. technological and logistical data;
  5. all sorts of information about the financial activities of the company;
  6. data about new product development, inventions, and know-how.

All this leads to the fact that the cost of information security over the past five years has become the largest item of expenditure for all medium and large companies around the world. According to a new study by the RAND Corporation, companies are spending more and more on cybersecurity tools. Thus, global cybersecurity costs close to $70 billion a year and grow annually at a level of 10-15%.

Unfortunately, huge investments in cybersecurity don’t guarantee 100% success if any of the security aspects are neglected. What is more, many senior information security officers believe that hackers are ahead of them in equipment and development by 2 to 5 years. This fact forces us to think about the continuous development and implementation cycle of stronger and more innovative protection mechanisms. From one side, companies should never forget about the benefits of using a VPN; or getting dedicated accounts for social media like Twitter (accsmarket can help you with that). At the same time, the issue of cybersecurity is to be approached from a comprehensive perspective.

The following aspects are to be considered:

  • Analysis of information security threats to your business;
  • Audit and assessment of the current state of information security of the company;
  • Development of a system of measures to improve cybersecurity;
  • The introduction of technology and software information protection at different levels of the company’s infrastructure;
  • Training employees and developing rules and instructions for them to work safely with information;
  • Checking the effectiveness of cybersecurity by simulating hacker attacks;
  • Quick recovery of work in case of hacking and investigation of the incident.

The most important step in building an effective information security system is the selection and implementation of technical means of protection:

  1. It is necessary to protect data at the network level;
  2. Control employee, customer and partner access to data;
  3. Provide mechanisms to detect and block viruses, such as a cryptographer, as well as Trojans;
  4. Implement countering hacker attacks;
  5. All of these tools should be linked in a single information security system.

Any of these specs should be neglected; otherwise, you risk a lot. No matter if you work with digital media, banking solutions, or retail businesses, you will not go far if you do not follow the basic rules for online data protection.

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Adam Tanton

Adam Tanton

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