3 Key Techniques To Avoid Sales Productivity Pitfalls

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In the realm of marketing and business, one could hardly argue the fact that amongst all the people out there, certainly sales reps have their work cut out for them from the very beginning itself. That’s just how things are, right from following up with prospects to even preparing and setting up all kinds of meetings. The classic case of too many things to do with too little time on their hands and the end result is that productivity as a whole suffers due to sales reps getting too overwhelmed or engrossed in off-task work generally.

Basically, the aspect of sales productivity is the maximization of sales results with the minimal amount of resources used, such as time, effort and cost. That is a fact, whether it is with the help of the top CRM platform tending to the most thorough salesforce testing process or not. Furthermore, the top performers are only going to consist of 20% of your entire team. However, there are many productivity pitfalls that sales reps fall prey to on a constant basis, without even realizing it at times. Some of them include internal pressure, the lack of thorough communication and a lack of implementation of new technologies.

However, for all those of you who are still wondering, all is certainly not lost. Here are the three key techniques that can be adopted by sales reps to avoid the problem of sales productivity pitfalls:

  • The right content at the right time: Rest assured that this is really not as easy as it sounds. After all, the sales reps spend at least 30% of their time creating or looking for new content. It is as simple as that. In contrast to that, 70% of the content never ends up being used for sales since the time is not right and the content is irrelevant. For this, a sales enablement tool is a good option and it will give you the best recommendations based on the sales situation at that point.
  • The aspect of automation: Let’s face it – in any business across the board, there are so many repetitive or unproductive tasks that one has to handle. By automating a large majority of these tasks, you will save a great deal of time and resources plus most importantly, your reps will be able to focus on the real deal, which is the core selling activities and forget about anything else that is less important.
  • The regular tracking of productivity gains and their results: In short, you need to make the aspects of metrics matter in the long run. By avoiding this, there will be little to no improvement in sales productivity since you will have a limited amount of visibility and a scattered vision at best. Determining which metrics are successful is only a part of the entire picture. Ideally, you should then identify and leverage all the habits and methods used by the best and adapting them in your own way.

Finally, while keeping the above five pointers in mind is highly recommended, one must also recognize the importance of working smarter. A good 60% of sales reps out there have a problem of working on too many things at the same time. Even unclear problems are a substantial factor in this particular regard.

To counter this, one will certainly have to identify the most immediate and critical tasks that need to be achieved and start there itself. Focusing on quality over quantity is sure to give you the best results out there. Even minute aspects like past customers and the like will be a great way for you to reinvigorate all of your lost opportunities since these are the people who have already gone through a major portion of your sales funnel.

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