4 Tips For Working Efficiently In A Remote Team

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Technology has given us many wonderful things, from making distances shorter through mobile telecommunication to introducing artificial intelligence in the most mundane of activities. With the power of advanced technology, we can now do things that were earlier thought impossible. Working without ever being in an organized office space is one such trend that modern technology has fuelled over the years. Now remote workers can get together from any corner of the planet and work towards fulfilling an organization’s goals.

Real-time whiteboard collaboration software and applications have given the telecommuting workforce the advantage to work together and be productive despite the great physical distances between team members. But, with all this talk of modernization, there are still murmurs about the efficiency of remote teams. We’ve listed a few points that showcase how modern remote teams can work as per their schedule and still stay productively efficient. Read on to know more.

Prioritizing Tasks

This holds true for any sort of working environment. However, the importance of prioritizing becomes even more relevant for remote teams. With various team members working on different aspects of a project, scheduling the tasks gives them an idea of the progress and the speed at which the remaining work needs to be done.

Taking a leaf out of the manufacturing industry, distributed teams make use of Kanban boards to depict tasks that are ‘Ongoing’, ‘To be Done’ and ‘Complete’. A simple board that visually shows each team member the state of project development can be easily created through real-time whiteboard collaboration. With the use of features like different colored stickies, team leaders can use an online collaboration tool where all members can update the progress as and when it happens.

Clear Communication

The biggest roadblock in a remote team’s success can be attributed to poor communication between team members and bad feedback from managers. While delivering on quality with maximum efficiency has to be the number one priority for any team, remote team members will often find themselves working in isolation. It is important for these distributed workers to maintain a constant line of communication with each other to avoid confusion and delays.

With the help of an advanced collaboration tool, remote teams can stay in touch with each other through audio and video conferencing, in-built chat, annotations or even screen sharing. With clear communication, teams can streamline their tasks for better delivery and give more meaning to their real-time whiteboard collaboration.

Fewer Applications

There’s no doubt in the fact that advanced technology has helped remote teams in achieving greater success. However, using too many applications that focus on only one aspect can slow down the pace of work. What modern remote teams need is real-time whiteboard collaboration tool that caters to all aspects of their remote working style.

Use an application that provides features for advanced communication, a space for brainstorming ideas, the ability to share documents and other value-adds that make working online a seamless experience. With the use of one application that provides everything, telecommuting employees have fewer screens to toggle through and lesser things to keep track of. This positively affects their efficiency levels, since there are less distraction-causing applications to worry about.

Settle into a Routine

The biggest attraction that remote work has is its ability to provide a flexible working environment. However, this flexibility can also lead to procrastination, which in turn leads to delays and unavoidable heartburn. So what’s the best thing to do? Set yourself a routine.

Just like working in a regular 9-5 setting, if remote employees stick to their daily work routines, they subconsciously get into their ‘work-mode’ and automatically become more productive.


Working with global talent, as part of a remote team, is equally exciting and challenging. With the use of advanced technology and smart applications like real-time whiteboard collaboration tools, remote teams can achieve greater success and always stay on top of deadlines. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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