5 Things Law Marketing Firms Can Learn from Lessons in The Game of Cricket

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Cricket is a gentleman’s game, they say, and it indeed is. One of the most popular games of the world, played by thousands across continents, it is a game without borders, immigration laws, divisions and that is what makes it so great. There is so much from this game that a law firm and us lawyers can learn and implement in our everyday professional lives.

Teamwork wins the game

We can always get more work done in less time if we function as a team. A team should be well-coordinated with proper communication and transparency. In a cricket team, every player is assigned a set position on the field from where they contribute to the game. Similarly, every member should be explained their roles in the team, depending on individual strengths, and how to best perform. Once the job is divided, every person is responsible for his or her share instead of everyone haphazardly trying to do everything.

Planning is the key

Before a game of cricket, the entire team sits down to plan their game, and this is something every law firm needs to adopt. Before a day of work or any case, the necessary team needs to form a solid plan and chart out the course of work. This not only helps every team member understand their jobs better, but it also improves efficiency as all the updates are shared, and the net actions and planned accordingly. All possible worst-case scenarios must be discussed in detail, along with contingency plans, to ensure that nothing can catch you off guard!

Backup is always essential

Emergencies happen and that is why there should always be the scope for the twelfth man in every team, be it cricket or a legal case. There should always be the option for a backup in case someone needs to take a leave, or simply to add more hands to hasten the work. Training interns and junior lawyers can come to use in such a scenario. Not only does it offer necessary backup, but it can also give the firm an excellent opportunity to train and discover new talent in the process.

Never give up

Cricket is a game where until the last ball is over, there is no defeat. The game can be turned around, however difficult. Cases in a law firm deal with the lives of people, and hence, it is important to never give up, however difficult it might be. All it needs is some extra work, planning and meticulous action plans to overcome every challenge that a case can present. There is almost always a precedent, and if there genuinely isn’t any, it is never a bad idea to set one. Everyone needs to have a positive outlook and zeal to never give up.

The game of cricket teaches us so many valuable lessons that we can implement in our professional spheres. With these little changes, law firms can make major improvements in their working patterns.

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