4 Tips for Launching a Fully Optimized Niche-Specific PPC Campaign For Your eLearning Business

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Niche-specific PPC is one of the finest ways of promoting your eLearning business. Correct.

But is it the easiest to implement?

Well, we can’t say it’s too tricky. However, a lot goes into ensuring an air-tight implementation and as marketers may have a tough time decoding the requirements, here’s a guide.

In this post, you will read about four tips for fully optimizing your eLearning business’ niche-specific PPC campaign.

1. Come Up With a Crisp, Concise and Actionable Ad Copy

While the idea of using a cheesy and salesy ad copy may seem like a good one, it turns out it’s not.

Think about it. What do your customers care about?

Do they care about your content? Do they care about your company? Do your product’s qualities and features interest them?

Sorry to disappoint you. But no!

The bitter truth is that all your customers care about is their needs being satisfied and their problems being solved.

So, don’t be unnecessarily cheesy or salesy. That will hardly work.

Instead, come up with ad copies that are crisp, concise and can compel your prospects to take action.

To make it easier, here are a few tips to use.

  • Offering an attractive discount on your products? Mention it in the ad copy.
  • Added a new feature that can solve your audience’s problem(s)? Mention it in the ad copy.
  • Created a new, more efficient design for an old, loved product? Mention the details in the ad copy.

Remember that the idea is to tell users how your products are useful.

2. Use Visuals

Most of the niche-specific PPC platforms in 2020 allow you to use visuals with your ad copy.

This adds to the appeal of your ad by encouraging prospects to visualize what your ad copy is offering.

For example, if you are selling your learning management system with a niche-specific PPC campaign, pairing it with an actionable image (something that promotes your LMS’ USP will be a good idea).

Similarly, you can also use videos on your landing pages to convert more visitors.

These videos can help you highlight your products’ USPs or ease of access, or simply how it makes life easier for its users.

3. Be Transparent About The Pricing

While saying “Get in Touch For a Free Quote” or falsely implying that your services don’t require the buyers to break the bank may get you more leads, in the long run, such practices will only bite back.


Think about it. If a prospect comes to you believing that your services cost less than their actual cost, this lead will simply waste your and the prospect’s time.

Plus, the effort that it’ll take. Unnecessary and unproductive, right?

Save yourself from this by launching a PPC campaign that’s completely transparent about pricing.

4. Work On Your Offer

“A mediocre copy with a good offer can work wonders for all marketing campaigns. Like, even if your grammar isn’t correct or you’ve made spelling mistakes, your campaign can still sail with a good offer.”

  • David Garfinkle (Breakthrough Copywriting)

You know what the statement above means? The purpose is to say that the one thing that your campaign can’t do without is a good offer.

So, get into your prospects’ shoes. Think about their needs. Bring forward your best eLearning solutions and create an offer that your prospects can’t resist.

Final words

Running a niche-specific PPC campaign for boosting your eLearning business’ sales is a good idea. But are you doing it right?

In this post, you read about four tips that you can use to optimize your niche-specific PPC campaigns.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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