Four signs that your website needs to be Redesigned

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In today’s fast-paced world shadowed by technology, it takes customers only a few seconds to look up a business online and judge whether it is worthy or not. If a business’s website does not show an increase in traffic and consumption, then it is not performing its job well. The aim of any website is to attract customers and satisfy them enough to turn them into regular consumers. With a multitude of choices available, for a website to stand out to customers, it has to offer the best, and not only the products but also the website that the customer will visit.  

Keeping your business’s website updated is beneficial as it is the first impression for many customers. Website update scan is regarding the products, blogs, information provided and the layout and design of the website. If the layout or design of a website is outdated, it can become a hurdle in successful sales. Identifying the issues hindering a website is an important step, but more important is the redesign. Redesigning a website is a long process that needs focus and effort, but companies like Web Design London have made the process infinitely easier. 

Here are four signs that tell a website needs significant changes, and it is time for a redesign. 

Incompatible with Mobile devices

 Smartphones are a way of life now; they make everything easier along with online searches. More than 50% of searches made online are through mobile devices, which is why the priority for any website should be compatible with mobile devices. An incompatible site will directly affect the traffic of a website which will then change the search ranking of the website on search pages. If such an issue arises, a redesign of a website should be a top priority. 

Difficult to Navigate 

 Along with being compatible with mobile devices, a website should also be easy to navigate. Many new customers simply abandon websites if they find it challenging to navigate through them. Navigation can affect search rankings, bounce rates to conversions and user experience. All layouts of the website should be clear, with in-sight and easy to find icons. Search bars and browsing options should be clearly defined and easy to access. 

Bad UI

 If a website is challenging to navigate, then this indicates a more significant issue; a bad user interface. A good site is easily accessible to users. The user interface of a website should always be updated to keep visitors engaged and provide a good user experience. Small changes in the website can make a huge difference in user experience; even if a website doesn’t need to be redesigned completely, it could benefit from a few handy changes. 

Slow Response Time

 One of the major issues websites can face is slow response time. According to experts, a website should load in 3 seconds or less to keep visitors engaged, or they might abandon it to search for another fast site. The upload speed of a website can be affected by different factors such as its code, increase in traffic or the size of content it is supporting. Most issues are a product of bad design, and it is best to get a website redesigned to overcome all these.

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