How Can AI-Powered Email Marketing Increase Your ROI?

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When it comes to popularity and effectiveness, email marketing has experienced a massive spike in the last few years, and now, marketers are trying to find a way to optimize this channel with AI (Artificial Intelligence).

What are some of the challenges in email marketing?

A recent survey by Ascend and GetResponse revealed that 63 percent of marketers have increased their revenue this year for email marketing moderately due to healthy campaign outcomes, while 18 percent reduced their budget as a result of declining performance.

During the survey,  the participants were asked regarding the main goal for their email marketing campaign, and 25 percent of marketers did it for increasing their engagements, 20 percent did it for increasing lead generation, 19 percent did it for increasing brand awareness, and 18 percent did it for improving conversions.


Overall, marketers agree that the most common hurdles for an email market campaign are:

How AI Helps in Email Marketing?

The application of AI has been buzzing a lot lately in the marketing industry as it promises to bring up new avenues for automation and email marketing. Let’s perceive what the experts have to say about how AI helps in smoothening things out.

User data and expectations continue to grow every day, and as such,  marketers must find a way to leverage technology to put up with it, particularly, AI and ML (Machine learning).  Thanks to artificial intelligence, companies can now automate processes gathering, authenticating, and organizing data.

As you can see, a recent survey by Statista reveals that AI-fueled email marketing campaigns lead to a 41.29 percent improvement in revenue.

According to experts, the application of AI can help in uncovering the insights of your subscribers at the individual level. This data can then be utilized for optimizing the brand’s email campaign. This type of task can take unlimited staff hours when data analysis is done using traditional methods. With AI, marketers can have access to several accurate data-based pieces of information.



Following are some of the ways AI has been reshaping email marketing and helping in increasing ROI:

Subscriber Engagement

According to a State of Email Engagement study, 62 percent of retailers believe that AI (Artificial Intelligence) can have a huge impact on their subscriber engagement. With AI, B2B companies can now closely monitor their subscriber engagement and interactions throughout the buyers’ journey.

Additionally, AI can provide important insights about which offers and campaigns work best with each and every subscriber and so on.


Most marketers are of the opinion that AI can majorly impact personalization.  With it, you can create personalized emails on the basis of your subscribers’ unique behavior and likings.

You can also easily tailor each email’s offers and content to the individual recipient. This can ultimately lead to better customer relationships and increased Sales & ROI.

Source: Co-schedule

Timing & Frequency

Marketers often struggle to determine the best time and the frequency to deliver emails. Sending emails at the wrong time can lead to your email getting unnoticed or ignored.

And if you pick the wrong frequency, you risk being unsubscribed or forgotten. Fortunately, with AI, you can determine the most appropriate time and frequency to send out your emails by inspecting the historical data of every subscriber.

Email Deliverability

Marketers worldwide share a common challenge and that’s reaching the subscribers’ inbox. Plus, maintaining decent email deliverability requires you to monitor things closely, such as sender reputation, list hygiene, subscriber engagement, and many more.

Also, you need to determine when email deliverability takes place, which isn’t always obvious. Even if you identify when it occurred, it can take a lot of time and effort to determine its root cause, effective solution, and so on.

With AI, you can easily determine email deliverability issues, find effective solutions, and then take the required measures to execute the solutions. This is done even before the company’s email infrastructure is negatively impacted.

According to Statista, AI use on email marketing has improved 1.3 percent in deliverability.

Final Say:

AI is a powerful technology that can optimize your processes and enable you to attain your ROI and KPIs faster. With the right implementation of AI, marketers can now offer a hyper-personalized experience to their subscribers.

With AI, you can identify details and patterns that often go unnoticed. If you wish to devise a more effective email campaign that can gain better metrics, AI-fueled email marketing is the way to go.

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