How To Hire A Commercial Litigation Lawyer

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Are you wondering who a commercial litigation lawyer is? A commercial litigation lawyer is also called a business attorney and is involved in legal disputes that arise between or among companies in the business or commercial world.

Hiring a commercial litigation lawyer

Hiring a commercial lawyer might prove hectic if you are not previewed to the dew processes involved. Here are some of the ways one might be able to easily do so

Reliance on recommendations

People who have procured the services of commercial litigation lawyers may chip in and give recommendations on suitable lawyers. Colleagues and family members may be the first in line one would ask help from if they were to seek a reliable referral.

Other lawyers in different fields may also recommend their colleagues in the business litigation field.

Other professionals like accountants, doctors or engineers may also recommend litigation lawyers since most of them are involved in businesses and have one point in time procured business litigation lawyers.

Business needs

Before one chooses a business litigation lawyer, they should understand their business needs in correlation to the legal field they want representation. The law is wide and one might require the services of a litigation lawyer in the property business, tax business or insolvency issues.

Business needs may also require the litigation lawyer to be more advanced and experienced in their field so that their chances of handling and winning the case brought forth is high.

Online directories

Modern technology has come along way to simplify how searches can be conducted on websites to find doctors, engineers, teachers and other professionals like lawyers.

One good online directory is the Law Society of Scotland which has a search engine where you can carry out a complete background check on lawyers and law firms and this might help you make a good decision before arriving at commercial litigation lawyer

Business referrals

Several big companies have commercial litigation lawyers at standby ready for any reason that arises in the course of their operations. Such companies may have solid referrals on the best lawyers available since corporations always go for the best.

Interviews for potential attorneys

After going through referrals and online directories and coming up with a list of lawyers that have interested you, you may then decide to conduct some sort of interview or brief meetings just to narrow down or single out your perfect commercial litigation lawyer.

Experience in handling specific cases

A commercial litigation lawyer ought to have experience in dealing with the case you would like them to present you in. You should ask about their previous clients and current clients and maybe even source for their feedback on matters regarding the said lawyers’ services.

Decision making during case handling

You should be able to enquire how decisions regarding your case will be handled, the lawyers should be able to fill you in and brief you on their next steps, involve you in every step they take.

As much as the law may be complex, the commercial litigation lawyer you choose should be able to simplify the law for you and also may aid you in making certain decisions.

Client responsibilities

When conducting interviews, the client should be able to enquire about their responsibilities during the period a case is ongoing. They should be advised not to provide too much or too little during the case.

The litigation lawyers should be having clear guidelines on the roles and responsibilities of their clients.

Payment policies

When a client is interviewing potential litigation lawyers, they should be able to find out the lawyer’s payment policies. Is payment flexible or flat rate? Are payments happening periodically or at the end of the case?

Are their prices adjustable if the case may take a hard turn in the future? All their payment guidelines should be provided to help you align with a choice that does not leave you dead broke.

Handling of clients

You should be able to find out how law firms handle clients. There are usually lawyers who go out to find clients and bring them to law firms then there are lawyers who attend to new clients and those lawyers who handle the whole process on their own.

A client should be keen to be handled by the same lawyer they negotiated with at the beginning of the whole process so that consistency is maintained and distortion is minimized. A lot of things might change when different litigators are introduced to your case at different points.


As discussed above, we have seen several ways of how to arrive at hiring a commercial litigation lawyer. It is critical to go through a thorough process of hiring a litigation lawyer to meet your desired litigator. More often than not people are conned or get raw deals when they procure commercial litigation lawyers and this should never be the case. You could check out Jones Whyte Law for a simpler way to procure your commercial litigation lawyer.

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