Channels That Can Still Drive Leads During A Crisis

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We are all going through unprecedented times right now dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. In our solidarity to put each others’ health first, we are rapidly feeling the effects in all aspects of our lives – including running a business. A lot of sales and marketing channels that might have worked before are not a possibility – events, direct mail, in-person meetings, etc. All that being said there’s still an opportunity to get the word out online. Here are 4 ways to drive leads.

1. Reach Out on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best channels out there for B2B marketing. Not only is it a great platform to do research and identify prospects, it’s also a great channel to be closing deals.

Take the opportunity to reach out to prospects with a message pitching your product/service. LinkedIn response rates are 3x higher than traditional emails. Scale your reach out even further with a tool like Zopto that allows you to automate your LinkedIn messages – target with filters and send out hundreds of InMails at the same time.

2. Drive Organic Web Traffic

Now is a great time to work on content for your prospects and customers. Take some time to do research in your space. What are the latest topics? What value and insights can you uniquely provide on these topics?

Use tools like Moz, Semrush or AHREFS to look up the best keywords to use within your content piece to get the optimal search engine position. Make sure you choose a keyword that gets enough impressions, but is also not too competitive. Longer tail keywords are usually a good solution to this dilemma.

3.  Leverage What You’ve Got Already

You likely already have customers who love your product or service. Why not reach out to them during these times asking them for a favor? Whether it’s a referral, a review, a share on their social media accounts, a case study, or something else – a little can go a long way. Gather a list of your customers and send them an email asking for their help.

4. Partner Up

A lot of businesses are in the same boat as you wondering what to do next in these trying times. Reach out to businesses with a similar audience or niche. See if they’d like to do some cross-promotional work such as email exchanges, shout-outs on social, co-branded webinars, or something else. This could create a lasting business relationship that’s a win-win for both organizations.

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