Top Tech Tools for B2B Businesses in 2020

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With many factors shaking business confidence around the world now, including the coronavirus and political uncertainty, entrepreneurs running B2B organizations must be more organized, proactive, and strategic than ever to ensure their company keeps kicking goals in 2020.

Thankfully, a variety of tech tools can help you and your team to be more productive and streamline operations this year. Consider some of the top options for your business today.


To build your business, you must engage in effective marketing campaigns, such as e-newsletters. However, unfortunately, many of your communications won’t hit their mark, simply because you have incorrect contact addresses in your database.

To increase your ability to reach real recipients via email, and minimize your number of bounce-backs, use an email cleaning solution. One of the premier tools on the market for this is NeverBounce. The company has more than 125,000 clients and has cleaned over one billion emails.

Use NeverBounce’s scalable, secure platform to achieve the most accurate level of email verification. The company’s easy-to-use platform features more than 80 different integrations. NeverBounce can clean 10,000 emails in as little as three minutes, and you can test a bulk list, single emails, or use the tech firm’s API. The company also prides itself on providing excellent support, with email, phone, and live chat available.


Once you get your digital communications going to the right place, you must maximize conversions and increase productivity. That’s where Reply comes in. While there are various services on the market to help you set up email campaigns, Reply makes email prospecting and sales automation quicker and more effective than ever.

Connecting replies to your mailbox, the tech tool automates personalized emails and follow-up messages. It dramatically reduces the time sales teams have to spend on outreach each week. Instead, they can focus on the vital business of closing deals.

Reply helps users to understand what works for successful campaigns, and it’s a key part of creating meaningful partnerships with clients. The platform provides businesses with detailed analytics on factors like rates for delivery, clicks, email opens, and responses. Plus, the system enables A/B testing and the ability to check call recordings and leverage email and sequence templates. This all leads to improved results and more streamlined operations.


To grow your B2B business, you not only need to generate more sales throughout the year but also look for ways to reduce spending, so profits rise. To do this, consider using a spend management platform like Coupa. The firm provides top procurement software to organizations on its all-in-one platform that enables everyone within a firm, plus suppliers, to conduct business spend activities in a single place.

Used by clients such as Uber and KPMG, this tech tool gives you a unified platform from which to manage everything from purchasing and invoicing to expenses and payments. Once you can see and understand this important data, you can control it, leading to cost savings over a year.

The system also offers prescriptive recommendations to users, such as supplier insights and savings suggestions. Use Coupa to achieve greater agility and to make better decisions on the spot. Also, note that Coupa uses the spend data of its customers to negotiate better prices with key suppliers. The company’s clients can then take advantage of this additional, no-extra-cost program to enjoy substantial savings across 60 spend categories.


Another essential part of doing business for B2B companies is pitching to current or potential clients. While there are plenty of presentation tools on the market, one that more and more companies are switching to is ClearSlide. This complete system provides conferencing, presenting, emailing, and tracking in one place.

It also brings useful data to the forefront so salespeople can make constant improvements. With ClearSlide, rather than delivering the same deck continuously, never knowing how engaged your prospects are or how well different people are reacting to the slides they see, you can use tech to become better informed.

Using ClearSlide’s innovative solution, managers can follow the presentations of team members and receive updates when they’re present. Users can track presentations via email, text, social media or shared links and discover who has opened a presentation, how long they looked at it, and what they looked at.

Customers can also use ClearSlide to replay content, share the screen with one click, insert a screen share slide into a presentation, and synchronize presentation data with Salesforce and many other CRM solutions. Businesses bringing ClearSlide into their organizations will soon see how to optimize content for better engagement, closing more deals.

There’s no shortage of tech tools to choose from today, but as a B2B business operator, you should use the best systems for your organization to help it keep improving and stay around for the long run.

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