How COVID-19 Has Changed Employee Management

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The pandemic has caused the world to change in many significant ways, one thing we are all experiencing is increasing numbers of us now working from home. While these changes may have been forced, now is a crucial time to reinvent how employees are managed and changes made and kept on a permanent basis.

HR software has proven one of the most essential tools for managers during this time period, whether this is utilizing systems already in place or implementing new software after experiencing initial problems with managing staff while remote.

Not only does this ease managerial duties, but also provides platforms for staff to be able to train, communicate and update colleagues, without having to be physically present.

But exactly how are we having to adapt to working from home and how are managers overcoming hurdles when it comes to seeking normality, while it is something we are far from.

Staff Wellbeing

Increasing pressure, stress and anxiety is being placed upon individuals, no matter their industry or role. From a management perspective, it is one of the most essential elements of the role to ensure staff are as happy as possible.

After all, happy employees equal productive employees. However, it can be difficult to monitor mental health from afar. Frequent video calling can be a great way to check-in on staff but often these calls don’t provide a private platform to voice any concerns.

HR software can present as the ideal opportunity for monitoring staff wellbeing. Surveys can be created to ask employees to provide an insight into how they are coping and if they are in need of any support.

These can also be completed anonymously, so any individual who feels they do not want to declare they are struggling can reach out for help without worrying about any stigma that could be attached.

This software can then be used to share information on how to get the support needed. Feedback can be used to generate actions from the managers into how they can ease this strain on staff members.

As managers, it’s crucial to relay the message ‘it’s ok to not be ok’ especially in the current situation.


Emails and instant messaging has revolutionized the way we communicate in the workplace but it can never replace the ease of speaking in person to one another.

Video calling has provided a sense of normality for many of us during the pandemic, seeing a familiar face and enjoying a general catch-up is something all managers should be encouraged to do.

However, these calls can present problems. Not all staff members are available at the same time, especially if your company operates shift patterns of employees part-time.

With the added annoyance of technology failing, when urgent and crucial information need to be relayed, we can’t always rely on this.

Once again, this is where HR software comes in. Especially in a large business, when vital information needs to be shared, these systems can be indispensable.

While these messages could be passed on in a mass email, there is no way of tracking who has actually read these as emails can easily be lost in inboxes and missed.

HR software can be used to send out these messages, with tracking in place to see who has opened them. There are also settings where you can ask the respondee to confirm they have read and understood the message, meaning those who have no can be noted and chased.


It’s still ‘business as usual’ and that includes expanding teams and hiring replacements. Social distancing laws make this incredibly difficult and the interviews and hiring process we once knew no longer apply.

Although HR teams are familiar with online processes, now even interviews are having to be conducted in this way, there are some changes that have had to be made.

Using HR platforms to allow every stage from advertising to training has been the must-have technology for all companies going through the hiring process. With many businesses discovering the versatility of this, the expense of using a recruiter has been eradicated and potentially will not be used even after the pandemic.


Continuing training throughout the workforce not only keeps staff trained to the best standards, but it also shows management still value their staff’s growth, especially if promotions and pay reviews have had to be paused for now.

Using cloud-based HR software means training tools can be shared and are ready for employees to use when it suits them. While it may be ideal for all staff to complete this at the same time, other home commitments, such as childcare, means this isn’t always feasible.

Training sessions can be written by management or simply links to videos and webinars can be shared in an accessible location.

This can also be used for new staff, training guides can be uploaded onto the system to reduce pressure from management teams having to attempt training remotely.

This can provide a place to new team members to flag questions if any occur and allow other team members to answer for them, providing a spectrum of knowledge from all experiences.

Holidays, Sick & Bereavement Pay

Staff still need to take time away from their work, even if they are still at home every day. It is often required for management to sign this off and relay to HR and finance teams so pay can be altered, if needed, and days off can be monitored to ensure everyone takes their allocated holiday allowance.

But this can be lost in translation or missed while everyone is remote working. Using a central platform to store this information means all teams can see exactly when others have taken time off and the reason can be recorded.

Overall, the biggest change in management during lockdown is the lack of face-to-face contact available and information missed by all parties. Businesses are investing in new technologies to aid them and as it is predicted that even after Covid-19 many will continue to work from home, it is crucial management teams nail this new way of thinking.

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