5 Ways Malls Can Improve Customer Shopping Experience

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Malls are all about the customer experience. People don’t just go to malls for shopping, they go for the environment, ambience and the overall experience of being there.

Without high satisfaction, customers will not be inclined to revisit your mall. The most common and hard-hitting challenge for mall owners is customer service. According to a report, 89% of people have said they stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer service.

Keeping this mind, a mall should be designed around the customer experience. Customers will always opt for destinations that offer them great comfort (customer service included) and a multi-sensory experience.

In this post, we’ll explore different ways malls can improve their customer shopping experience.

1. Digital Wayfinding

Digital wayfinding has been used to great effect for assisting visitors to navigate complex campuses, museums and even retail. Modern malls should absolutely integrate digital wayfinding in order to facilitate customers and mitigate many customer service issues.

With digital wayfinding, customers don’t have to go to security or mall staff to ask for directions to particular stores. At the entry point, a kiosk can point visitors to a mobile app that contains a detailed, floor-by-floor layout of the mall.

This way, customers are independent and can choose any store they want to go along with knowing how to get there.

There are plenty of companies that offer shopping mall indoor map solutions, so mall owners don’t even have to do the heavy lifting of doing it themselves.

2. Great Lighting

A mall’s atmosphere can be greatly enhanced by its indoor lighting. Mall owners should aim to have indoor lighting that’s warm and welcoming, and one which gives comfort to the customers.

Modern LED lights are a great choice since they come in a variety of colours and are very frugal when it comes to electricity use.
3. Free WiFi
Many popular cafes offer free WiFi for their patrons. We think it’s high time malls started doing the same. Constantly being connected to the internet is a need everyone has these days.

Free WiFi is also potentially a great way to get free marketing for your mall. Many people like to share their mall selfies on social media, which can serve as great promoters for your mall.

Don’t rely on the store owners to give out free WiFi, instead, make sure your mall offers its own WiFi coverage.

4. Great Ambience

The ambience of a mall can be greatly enhanced by using the right mix of architecture, lighting and decor.

For example, having a fountain placed centrally can give a really refreshing feeling to the mall’s visitors. Strategically placed food outlets can also give a welcoming feeling due to the various aromas that originate there.

Some other thoughtful additions to a mall might be a mother-care room and other amenities that enable physically challenged people to navigate the mall with ease.

5. Unconventional Outlets

A mall should not be mistaken as a place where people go just for shopping. They go for an overall experience, which can include shopping, eating and socializing.

Mall owners should look to offer their space to unconventional outlets that have fun activities like laser tag, indoor skate park, a full-featured gym or a trampoline venue for kids.

This way, malls can become a balanced mix of a place where people can go to do whatever their mood calls for.

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