Is Paid Advertising on Social Media of Benefit to Your Business?

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For most companies, marketing represents a significant expense. It’s therefore natural that business owners and senior members of a management team want to make sure that it’s money well spent.

In the case of paid advertising, this is arguably the case. While this particular method of
marketing can be controversial, due to its inorganic nature, it’s nonetheless
highly effective, allowing companies to benefit from an extensive audience and
low cost/high return ratio.

Here are four of the reasons why you might want to consider investing in it.  


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At its core, marketing is a
tool designed to drive sales and generate profit. Its primary goal is to deliver a significant return on the money you invest, and this is a box that paid advertising arguably ticks. Budgets begin from as little as £1, which means that even the smallest B2B business can take advantage. There are no contracts, no minimum spend, and it’s made eminently easy to track the return on your investment. Cost per click also tends to be low, particularly for those who utilize social media ads as opposed to Google.   

Advanced targeting

For smaller businesses, in
particular, achieving the sort of advanced targeting that pays dividends, in the long run it can be difficult. To make your money go as far as possible, you want to ensure it’s finding its way to some quite particular demographics, and paid advertising makes this easy. Allowing you to target very specific groups, based on invaluable information such as interests and job titles (of particular appeal to B2B businesses), it’s a wonderful tool for ensuring that your marketing budget is not blown on those with little to no involvement in your industry.

Tailored content

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As well as allowing you to target very specific demographics, paid advertising gives you the power to tailor your content to the individual campaign. There are dozens of different and versatile ad formats to choose between, ranging from specialized lead generating options through to ads that enable you to receive job applications straight to your inbox. This is incredibly important, for if there’s one thing that can safely be said about B2B marketing, it’s that a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective and fails to deliver noticeable results.

Organic traffic is falling

In the past, lots of companies saw the inorganic nature of paid social media advertising as a
significant downside. However, the latest insights suggest this is something we
need to rethink, with social platforms reporting that the number of organic
posts we’re seeing is falling rapidly (statistics suggest, for example, that Facebook users are exposed to less than one percent of the organic content businesses put out there). Industry leviathans are rapidly cottoning on to this, which is why you’ll see companies with especially large marketing budgets, such as casinos, using paid posts to push products like 
live casino, slot, and card games. This ensures that these are seen by the greatest possible audience and that a notable return on their investment is shown.

When it comes to marketing a B2B business, it’s important to understand how best to use your budget, and paid social media advertising can represent an effective, economical, and easily measurable option. Is it something you would consider using as part of your future campaigns?



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