4 Tips For Avoiding Micromanaging as a New Business Owner

4 Tips For Avoiding Micromanaging as a New Business Owner
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When you’re starting out with a new business, you will want to do everything in your power to ensure that your startup is successful. Hiring a team for the first time can be a daunting experience, as many entrepreneurs can find it difficult to relinquish control and delegate to their team. For your business to be successful going forward, you need to ensure that you put a team in place that you can trust to complete the day-to-day tasks of your business efficiently and effectively.

Managing a new group of employees, setting schedules – timesheet software makes life easier – handling payroll and all the other tasks that come with hiring a team can be challenging even for the most experienced entrepreneurs. It can take time to get to know each member of your team and understand their strengths and weaknesses and how they work with other members of your team. However, it’s important that you give your employees enough space and avoid micromanaging everything that they do throughout the day. This will ultimately lead to frustration amongst your team and your business could be in trouble before you ever really get started.

Let’s take a look at four useful tips to help you avoid micromanagement of your team as a new business owner.

Hire The Right Team

Having faith in your team and their abilities is key in ensuring you don’t end up micromanaging your team. Overbearing management often tends to be a result of doubt in the capacity of a team to handle certain elements of their work. Spending time hiring an experienced and capable team will allow you to put more faith in your employees and what they are capable of. With your team working independently, you can go back to driving your business forward.

Set Your Team Up For Success

While it is always good to challenge your team, it’s important that you assign tasks that can be completed within a reasonable timeframe. Only assign tasks to your team members that you know that you could complete comfortably yourself within the expected timeframe for the work. Allocating tasks that are all but impossible to complete will set your employees up for failure from the beginning. Instead, empower your team to succeed in the workplace so they will have the confidence to reach their project milestones without you having to look over their shoulder.

Maintain Clear Expectations

To ensure that your team can complete their work to the standard that you expect, it’s vital that you set clear expectations when the work is assigned. Changing the deliverables throughout the project at will is a sure way to frustrate your employees. What’s more, you will be discouraged by their seeming lack of progress and will be more inclined to step in. Micromanaging your team when you have not set clear expectations of what is required will ultimately result in confusion and a slowing in the progress of your project.

Allow For Flexibility

As the leader of your business, you might have a very clear idea of how things should be done. While it is important to put structures and processes in place, it’s also important to allow for some flexibility with your staff. There are often different routes to the same destination. When employees suggest an alternative way of completing a task, rather than shut them down, take the time to listen to their ideas. Come to a compromise and trusts them to work under their own initiative to get the work done without you checking in on their progress.

Get The Most Out Of Your Team Going Forward

For entrepreneurs starting a new business, it can be difficult to delegate tasks and trust others to complete the work to your expected standard. Rather than falling into the trap of micromanaging your employees, be sure to hire a team that you can depend on from the beginning. Give your new staff some space to grow into their roles and be productive in their work without anyone looking over their shoulder. With a less domineering approach to management, you can be sure that your employees will perform better and stick with your company for the long haul.

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