How to Automatically Translate Emails for Business

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When you work internationally and receive both short and lengthy business emails, there comes a natural need to translate them as soon as you can to understand at least the basic meaning and write an instant reply.

There are automatic solutions that work similarly to Google Translate, the only difference being already included in your Outlook or Gmail mailbox. Of course, if you use some corporate email address, you can also turn to Google Chrome translation of the internal web page as an instant remedy. Now that it sounds fast and comfortable, it is far not the guarantee of a precise translation of what has been written, especially with tonal languages like Chinese.

The things are not that different with more common Spanish where most words tend to change their meaning depending on how exactly they follow each other with all the accents and punctuation. As it is with most things, there are both cons and pros to automatic translation, yet it is crucial to know how it works!

Translating Emails for Business Purposes

Microsoft Outlook. Back in 2017, Microsoft has finally released a major update to its famous Outlook Translation Application. It allows you to translate anything that appears inside your Outlook inbox, which can also work with any posts that you receive from corporate or any personal accounts. The best thing is that this translation add-on is completely free and can be found at the Microsoft Office’s Store. It only takes several clicks to translate your business email messages. Provided that you have already installed the app, it is recommended to start sending a message to yourself to see how it works. There should appear the “Translate Message” label in the Home menu of the Outlook software. It has English by default but you can choose anything from Afrikaans to Latin or Arabic as an example. Unfortunately, it translates things without consideration of all the syntax points, which takes away the business context of the original message.

Gmail. Now this solution might be the most popular among the users online since we all have received an odd Gmail message in a foreign language or notification from a Chinese shop about our anticipated delivery. Things are a bit better here since it already has Google Translate included, so there is no need to copy your emails! Gmail has automatic language detection, so it translates your business communications right away. If not, you can select both original and target languages manually and click on “Translate Message”. Now things are a bit better here for business purposes since Google already has most expressions covered.

Translating Official Documents. Now when you have to translate an important business message or a complaint, it poses a document that holds a legal power. It means that an automatic translation will not work unless you want to start a legal dispute due to a bad interpretation and an unprofessional attitude. Your safest bet is to approach certified language translation services for any official business documents and keep your communications accurate. It will not only guarantee a high-quality translation but will provide you with legal safety.

When Writing a Reply. It is good to translate your emails automatically when you are in a hurry and want to find out if there is anything that requires an immediate reaction or a phone call. However, it does not really help us to write a reply. Communication via Google Translate or something like a Translate Voice app that records a voice message in another language may be handy, yet it will not guarantee accuracy. Even if it is a small message, always turn to professional translation services that can provide you with an instant online help that won’t take days to get done.

Professional Business Purposes. When you need to establish reliable business cooperation, the accuracy of your emails is an important point. Therefore, take time to find online translation services reviews to find the experts that meet your business needs. Remember that even small blog posts on social media can be handled as well, which will help to establish a strong customer base and keep your business professional.

In an Emergency

Most people tend to click the automatic translation button when they are in a hurry or wait for that important transaction to be confirmed. It often leads to bad consequences since an automatic translation often gets even the basic phrases wrong. Since most expert translation companies operate online, do not forget that they handle urgent orders as well and can offer live translation assistance!


His past experience in translation business lets Mark stay on top of technology and education as he looks for the latest business solutions and tricks. Mark’s posts are always fun and inspiring. Follow him to keep your brain engaged with fresh ideas and new plans.

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