Key Ways to Pass the Microsoft AZ-900 Exam: Take Practice Tests!

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The Microsoft AZ-900 certification exam process equips you with knowledge regarding the Microsoft Azure fundamentals.

To take this test, you need to have a proper grasp of Cloud services and how Microsoft Azure provides them. It is designed for those candidates who are just getting started with Azrue. This 60-minute exam grants the Azure Fundamentals credential if they deal successfully with its 60 questions and score more than 700 points.

When you take Microsoft AZ-900, you get to prove that you know about Azure services, Cloud concepts, Azure security and privacy, Azure support, Azure pricing, and Azure workloads. You should have a basic understanding of computing, storage, networking, application development, and application support in order to take this exam.

Why should you sacrifice your time to pass the AZ-900 certification exam? Let’s look at the advantages.

It validates your skills

Even though considered as an entry-level exam to the Azure environment, the candidates need to take it because it helps gauge their level of expertise pertaining to Azure. Microsoft designs the questions to measure the following skills:

Describing Core Azure Services;
Describing Cloud Concepts;
Describing Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust;
Describing Azure Pricing and Service Level Agreements along with Lifecycles.

Without mastering these skills, you will not be able to ace the test. As a result, you may enroll in some form of training – self-paced or instructor-led. The certification path you take ends up equipping you with vital Azure skills that most organizations are actively looking for.

When preparing for your certification test, you may want to refrain from making exam dumps your primary resource. Rather, you can use them as additional helpers to simply understand how the exam questions are framed. Be sure to use practice tests as well. Take as many of them as possible because they boost your confidence in tackling an Azure environment.

It adds to your professional credibility

Professional credibility means that your peers and employers genuinely recognize you as a proficient specialist in Azure technologies. Even though the Microsoft AZ-900 exam does not necessarily make you an expert in Azure, your effort in this speaks a stronger message to those you work with. It allows them to know that you are serious about advancing in this domain based on the sacrifices that you make.If your company has a budget for skills development, you should apply for funds to finance this training. When your recruiter sees this, he/she gets to appreciate you more and express an interest to retain you for a long time.

It gives you a competitive advantage in job applications

As an organization looks for someone to handle its Azure infrastructure, it needs to be sure that whoever it gets has the right skills. One of the starting points is to look at an individual’s resume. It goes without saying that those with the Microsoft Azure certification have a higher advantage compared to those who don’t have it.
It offers you networking opportunities
In your journey towards earning the foundational-level credential in Azure, you may have to look for online learning communities for help. You may also form study groups with likeminded people. These platforms are essential networking resources where you can share not only ideas but also job opportunities.


You have every reason to start preparing for your Microsoft AZ-900 certification exam today. Just make sure that you lean more towards using practice tests and less towards exam dumps. Doing so equips you with the crucial skills that can take your career within the Azure environment to the next level.

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