B2B Trends for 2020: What You Need to Know

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What was not possible just a decade ago has now become a common practice in B2B. Who knew you’d be able to respond to your clients via an automated answer without a customer service agent? Chatbots make it possible today, a huge trend that was hardly visible a few years ago. What’s the next big thing?

Meet the big B2B marketing trends for 2020 and beyond:

Marketing automation is here to stay
44% of B2B organizations use Marketing Automation Systems (MAS) as one of the best B2B developments and technologies assisting their content marketing. Since digital content marketing is having a moment, automation is necessary at almost all the levels for its success. A dedicated marketing automation platform with the right tools and plugins is now a must-have for every brand to make content more cost-effective and efficient. Whether it is a keyword search, content creation, automating ads, or targeting and segmentation, marketing automation practices are here to stay for long. Automation and omnichannel marketing systems will gain a foothold in 2020’s B2B marketing.

Artificial intelligence is all the rage
One of the most popular B2B digital marketing trends, AI, is all that a marketer can fancy about optimized marketing activities, higher conversions, and enhanced customer experience. Chatbots are an example. Customers get engaged with a chatbot and solve simple queries themselves without talking to a company’s representative. Researches have proved that this technology has tremendously helped B2B websites optimize customer experience and foster user experience. Further, businesses can integrate AI into online search (SEO), set the price dynamically, create and curate content at scale, speed up digital promotion and advertising, process big data, and predict customer behavior.

Video marketing and augmented reality will grow
One of the most awesome B2B marketing ideas, video marketing, will rule the roost in 2021, especially in these Covid times. Same with AR. Using interactivity and attention-grabbing videos are the most effective way to generate engaging and meaningful content for a broader audience. More than 70% of B2B buyers complete product research by watching videos. On top of that, augmented reality can take video marketing to the next level. By turning to AR, B2B marketers can digitize the customer experience of touring the shop and virtually trying the product before buying. It leads to higher sales and greater customer satisfaction.

Connect with your audience via marketing podcasts
Using marketing podcasts is one of the best B2B promotion ideas to connect with your auditory audiences on the go. Many leading B2B websites have launched marketing podcasts to keep up with the trend . Moreover, it helps build your credibility in your niche, repurpose your quality content, reach a greater audience, and creating a deeper connection with them.
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Evolving B2B lead conversion
Lead generation is not enough for 2020. Macro conversions are what you should be after. Matured B2B brands seek to bring their potential customer to the bottom of the sales funnel. Content marketing comes into play here for personalized customer interaction and more significant sales. By utilizing more eBooks, guides, social media channels, and digital webinars, B2Bs can secure leads. B2B marketers can use high-performing content such as blog posts, email newsletters, and case studies to convert these prospects.
Modern dropshipping is the new deal
Dropshipping is not only a profitable B2B trend, but it is thriving. Dropshipping and e-commerce profits have gone up to more than $4 billion, making it a 7 percent year-on-year increase for the last ten years. Furthermore, small business dropshippers can enjoy a noticeable increase in their conversion rates using Shopify stores for their products.

Maximize your data advantage with machine learning
Machine learning is on the verge of transforming the entire landscape of B2B marketing. The technology is becoming more widespread. It helps parse data, find opportunities to segment consumers, and take customer experiences up a notch. Moreover, it can provide deep consumer insights and help expedite the decision-making process of the customers. If you need copywriting support to help articulate what you are seeing in your data, there are professional writing services available where you can pay for pre-written essays and reports.
On balance…
These business to business marketing trends are going to take over the year and beyond. Because B2B marketing is becoming more widespread, many marketing students may have B2B research and writing assignments. There are many B2B marketing experts who can ensure you get help with your essay or project. Embrace these trends early and you will be ahead in your career!
Gear up to revolutionize your B2B marketing in the coming years!

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Arnov Rahman

Arnov Rahman

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