Where to Find Support for Veterans

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If you are a veteran or a member of a military family, you may be wondering what type of support is available. There are a variety of resources for veterans and their loved ones, with everything from discounted restaurant meals to exciting career opportunities.

When you access this support, it can help you in the long term and make your transition to a civilian life a smoother one. To get you started, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular services for veterans and military personnel.

Financial Benefits

Those with a military background can receive additional financial benefits and support. For example, electricity and other utility companies often give discounts to veterans, and home and auto insurance may be cheaper when you advise them of your service.

If you need extra finance up to $5000, you can apply for competitive personal loans through USAA. These loans can be used for unexpected expenses or home repairs, you can even use this money to pay off high-interest credit cards to help you get back on track. 

Career Prospects

As a veteran, you will have a unique skill set and your talent can be a valuable asset for a new employer. The Department of Veterans Affairs Jobs website is a good place to start your search as they have dedicated support available. There are training programs available to boost your education and financial help to reduce the cost of any fees associated with your study.

Potential areas you might like to consider for your career include healthcare, information technology, leadership roles or administration.

Hobbies and Groups

Veteran associations give you the opportunity to connect with others who understand. You will make friends and participate in activities based on your unique interests. There are organizations for veterans all over the country, and you will usually be able to find one in your local area.

These groups vary in cost, and the programs can be very different. For example, you might like to find a group of veterans who play music, run marathons or those who just want to chat. Some groups may target a specific demographic such as seniors or females, while others will be open to everyone.

The leaders of these organizations will normally have invaluable knowledge of services and support that is available to veterans. If you can’t find what you are looking for, start your own group.

Health Services

Veterans and their families can take advantage of healthcare services through the Veteran’s Health Administration. If you are eligible you will gain coverage for doctor’s visits, specialists, prescriptions, at-home care, equipment and eldercare.

You can apply online to take advantage of this comprehensive health coverage. It is not uncommon for veterans to request mental health services, and seeking treatment in this area is encouraged.

Family members who are caring for a veteran with a disability could be eligible for additional financial support.

Support Is Out There

There is support available for veterans and their families. Assistance with selecting a strong career pathway, financial help and personal loans can be beneficial.

Consider joining a group of likeminded people as you might discover a new hobby and meet friends who understand what you have been through. Don’t forget to check your eligibility for health services and programs, as there is substantial coverage available for military personnel and their families

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