Why design is critical for effective exit-intent pop-ups

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Exit-intent popups are a website overlay, which usually gets triggered when a visitor is trying to leave the page. It displays a customized message to convince the visitor not to leave and attempt to navigate them back to the page to finish the process.

Companies who are looking to influence their online audience, find exit-intent popups very beneficial. They can make a lot of visitors feel appreciated with special offers. They double as a tool to reduce the bounce rates by giving visitors a reason to stick around. This is particularly useful for ecommerce companies as it is their only chance to communicate and convince the visitors to stay. As a result, the influence they carry on people can heavily depend on the design which is why it’s important to choose a robustpop-up builder.

What does your Pop-up offer?

Before designing any popups, you need to know who you’re trying to target and where is it going to be used to ensure its effectiveness.

Popups have to offer something important to the visitor, and they cannot be annoying.

A great way to make it fun and offer something is to incorporate a game into the popup and then a prize at the end. This will defiantly grab visitor’s attention and convince to stay if they know they will win something at the end like a discount.
Another thing that a popup can offer is information related to the field of interest but something new as this will interest and convince the user to sign up and become a subscriber.

The colour schemes

Colours play an important part in marketing they can convince people how they feel or what they want. All colours have different meanings and purposes like green means go and are generally positive.

When designing exit-intent popups make sure you have contrasting colours as they trigger conversions. So, you find most CTA buttons are either green or red so, that as a consumer you subconsciously triggered to press the button.

You can incorporate most visible colours such as red and yellow into the popups to catch the visitor’s attention quickly. Also, you can use a combination of colours that stand out against each other and work great together.

You should consider carefully colour schemes, as you don’t want to send the wrong message to your visitor.


Topic of the popups and relevance

To increase the effectiveness of your popups, they have to be relevant to the site or site’s page. If a popup comes if irrelevant information the visitors will not think twice and leave the website.
However, putting the right context for that specific browsing page will make a big difference. It allows you to target the right user with the right message, and the chances of converting them will increase.

The topic of the popups is vital to optimize the conversion rates. This can be done by offering an e-book on the topic of interest to make it more valuable information for the user. Not only they will become a subscriber when the popup is relevant to the site or site’s page the viewer is on, but they can become a potential customer.


What could happen if a popup isn’t designed correctly

It’s vital to design popups correctly if you don’t there can be big consequences for your business. People are more attracted to aesthetically pleasing things and designs, so they usually judge the second they get on to your website. Hence, if you fail to impress them, you won’t get a chance to sell your product. This is because visitors will never get to know your product and the value it offers.

The design of your popups should reflect who you are as a company and represent you in the best light. At the same time, it cannot lack professionalism. This means the use of the same colours, style and key elements of your brand. If it lacks that it can become confusing for the visitor.

A poorly designed popup can have major consequences such as poor sales conversion rates – arguably the most important reason a pop-up can be utilised in the first place.

Utilising exit-intent popups is vital for an ecommerce business. So, optimising their effectiveness by improving their design will increase conversion rates and sales. The options spoken about above are just a few simple changes to make to take advantage of effective exit-intent pop-ups with little effort required. So, make sure you optimize their performance and test out different design options.

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