5 Job-Hunting Insights for MBA Graduates

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There has never been a better time to enter the labor force with an MBA. Today, most employers prefer candidates with not just the required on-the-job experience, but also problem-solving, transformational leadership, and management skills that are required to make the candidate future executives and leaders. The good news is that research shows that 86% of top employers presently prefer MBA graduates. Now that you already have that advanced degree, it is time to get yourself your ideal job.

Although investing your time and resources towards getting a higher degree can have amazing returns in the long run, the labor market is becoming ever more competitive. As such, no one is guaranteed an easy path towards an impressive career. In this article, we look at what experts indicate that graduates ought to know if they want to boost their job prospects.

Make Sure Your Resume Stands Out

The resume is the most important aspect of any job search, even if you already have your MBA. You have made a serious investment in your education, and you need to make sure to put in the extra effort to highlight your skills. Some job seekers expect an MBA in their titles to do the job of marketing them. However, experts indicate that applicants are expected to create resumes that show the added value that they bring to the role or company.

Just reiterating your accomplishments is not enough. While getting your graduate degree shows a serious commitment, employers will still want to see those specific experiences and skills. Showcase your experience managing strategy, as well as leadership ability. The more you are able to show your previous work experience and highlight its relevance to your intended role, the better your chances of success.

Keep records of the activities you participate in as a student as you will need to quite actual scenarios and outcomes from your experience. Consider how those experiences during your graduate program will be translated to work. If needed, get a personal statement editor to go through your documents and make necessary changes.

Understand How to Market Yourself

While having an MBA is an amazing achievement, you still need to market yourself to stand out from the competition. The job description area is the perfect place to look as you consider selling yourself. Ascertain that your work and schooling experience align with what employers seek. Most graduates make the mistake of being obsessed with how amazing their accomplishments make them look, forgetting that they still need to show that their skills are relevant.

If you have completed your job search and found the job fits your achievements and abilities, you ought to align your credentials with what prospective employers seek. Go through the job description and break down the requirements, checking your skills and achievements to make sure that you create the best match. Outline those programs or courses and consider how you can present your skills on your resume or when called for an interview. Write your application documents in a tone that is detailed, quantitative, and precise.

H2: Work on Expanding Your Network

Networking is the new way to stay ahead of the competition in the increasingly swamped labor market. Make contacts by attending seminars. Also, make sure to keep in touch with your contacts, letting them know that you are educated, skilled, talented, and ready to dive into the professional world. Update the information on your LinkedIn profile. Also, reach out to past and present managers and your as your friends and professors. Once your resume is updated, start distributing it to your network.

Another amazing way to enhance your marketability is by publishing content. The internet is an incredible marketing tool. You already possess a unique set of skills and knowledge, and publishing content online is a great way to show it. Also, engage your connections and share updates regularly.

Remember to Label Your Resume

Employers increasingly receive hundreds of applications for positions, meaning that your resume needs to stand out to be noticed. While the need to label your resume may seem simple, even the most minute aspects can make a huge difference. Label your resume using your name, job position, and your title.

This way, employers are able to notice your qualifications and your resume is less likely to disappear in a pile in the hiring manager’s inbox. In other words, labeling your resume makes your application easy to locate. Other resume tips include:

  •       Review samples in your industry;
  •       Use active voice;
  •       Be concise and clear;
  •       Call attention to your most significant achievements;
  •       Search and use keywords from job listings.

Make Use of Available Resources

While graduating with an MBA is a great achievement, you still need to keep improving your skills and abilities. Whether the objective of getting your advanced degree is to progress your career with the present employer or you desire a change, make use of the resources you have. You ought to start networking early and consider available options before you decide. Planning ahead can allow you to make informed choices. You can also use the internet to search for opportunities and check with the career’s office for help with sprucing up your resume. Another resource you can use is the alumni network from your university. It could even be possible to learn about job openings and position yourself appropriately.

Here are other recommendations:

  •       Work on your soft skills;
  •       Consider help with your resume;
  •       Be active and alert;
  •       Research several job options before making a choice;
  •       Make sure you understand the job description before you apply.

Here, we have explored some job-hunting tips for MBA graduates. Remember, emotional intelligence remains important. Also, you need to remain updated on current issues, especially those around your career of choice.


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