The Basics: 5 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Financials

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When it comes to improving your company’s financial position, the right approach will allow you to make significant savings that can then be reinvested more efficiently for growth and development.


An effective way to do so will require a systematic, thought out approach that assesses your company’s current financial structure, as well as your approach to spending in general. In doing this, there are a number of areas to focus on. 

  1. Re-evaluate Expenses

The first and most obvious step in improving your company’s finances is to reevaluate your expenses, whether this means reducing them, rearranging them, or a mix of the two. Options here include arranging larger expenses to be on a regular, recurring basis in order to improve cash flows, renegotiating already existing recurring expenses, and researching supplier, insurance and bank alternatives for cost efficiency and lower pricing in general. 


If applicable, things like changing how much stock you buy, making purchases when you have higher cash flows, and even considering changes within company culture can benefit your company’s financials.

  1. Improve Upon Your Personal Finances

Whilst this might seem like an irrelevant aspect of improving upon your company’s financials, working on how you spend your personal expenses will solidify efficient habits and approaches to money that benefit how you approach your business expenditures. On the other hand, becoming more slack with your personal finances will mean that the same thing occurs on the business side of your finances. Good financial management means effective spending and saving habits in all regards. 


Start by focusing on more significant ongoing costs – it is important to keep on top of things like mortgage payments (whether you are currently paying one off or are planning on it) through the use of a mortgage calculator such as Westpac’s service – find it here. This will provide you with an indication of whether something like refinancing might be beneficial.


Once these are out of the way, consider focusing on how you spend your money on a day to day basis – developing good habits in regard to this more impulsive area of spending will positively affect the way you see money as a whole. 

  1. Sell Unnecessary Assets

Once expenses have been minimised and you have perfected your approach to financial management, move on to assets that might be underutilised or neglected entirely. Even if they are getting some use, if you can replace them with more cost efficient alternatives, your company will benefit as a result.  In selling these, or even just removing stranded assets in general, you can benefit from potential savings in storage costs, whilst also earning some money from any successful sales. 

  1. Consider Changes to Your Marketing Strategy

An often important aspect of improving a company’s financial position is reevaluating marketing strategy – this is a task that will encompass everything from target market and channels utilised, to branding and pricing.


In making the appropriate changes to how your company is marketed, your company has the opportunity to more effectively reach the right audience and increase conversion rates. Start by ensuring that you are marketing towards the right people – then, reconsider the channels and general approach would be most effective in reaching them – this is also where rebranding might be an important consideration. 


One of the most important changes you should consider making in regard to marketing strategy is with pricing. The right decision might be to decrease prices in order to increase accessibility and appeal of your products – so long as the changes are profitable. On the other hand, raising prices is often the correct decision, as profit margins will increase. Not to mention, on a situational basis, higher pricing can often cause an increase in customers due to the high value and status it portrays. 

  1. Get the Help of a Professional 

Ultimately, the most effective way to improve your company’s financials will be to enlist the help of a professional. An accountant or business adviser will have experience and knowledge in regard to the most effective changes that can be made to your business operations in order to make savings and improve cash flow, specifically for your business. 


A good accountant will identify areas to streamline expenses and avoid unnecessary payments, and business advisers will identify operational problems and areas that have the potential to be run more efficiently and effectively. Not to mention, advice on capital structure and use of debt is invaluable. Evidently, if you are struggling when it comes to improving your company’s financials, the best approach might be to get the help of a professional.

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Adam Tanton

Adam is a partner in B2BNN with over 15 years experience in the enterprise technology field.