6 Reasons Why B2B Startup Companies Should Invest In An HR Team

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One thing many startups don’t consider to be a priority in the early years of their business is HR. Aside from the fact that the future of these types of companies is quite uncertain, many young entrepreneurs think that HR doesn’t fit well within the open-minded and relaxed environment they are trying to build. It also reminds them of the corporate world they don’t really like too much.


However, there is evidence that hiring human resources professionals will actually have a positive effect on the development of a company. Although you might think it will burden your business in its starting phase with bureaucracy and regulations, they will make your company stronger. And no, they will not shoot down a flexible and innovative culture at your office, but will bring you more structure.


Let’s see what are the top 6 reasons why having an active HR team can significantly improve your prospects of leading a successful company.



Building a Strong Team     


When you start a business from scratch, usually you have to juggle too many things at once. Many entrepreneurs tend to try to focus on every aspect of the company – from customer service to product management. Although this type of behavior is understandable, it’s still better to learn to delegate as much as possible.


HR will help you with acquiring talent that will align with your vision. Your B2B startup will not take off  if you don’t have the right people around you. Having an expert there to consult with you and hire people who will be valuable additions to your team  will aid you in reaching your goal. This will also allow you to concentrate on process and deals, saving you energy and time. Don’t we all want more time with family and friends? 



Organizational Culture


Every organization stands for some form of beliefs and values and it’s important to define yours as soon as possible. Articulated beliefs and values help create all-important culture. This is where something like HR software can come in handy, and as experts from Zenefits.com say, it will make your life a bit easier. This is especially important for startups in their early stages while they are still trying to get their footing.     


A professional will be able to outline what’s needed to create this type of environment. For people to be productive at work, they need to be motivated. The best way to do so is to build a secure and happy atmosphere in your office space. Studies have shown that individuals with high job satisfaction are between 25 and 30% more productive.



Implementing Policies and Creating Structured Environment  


A proper set of policies and rules will establish the framework within which your company will function. Although this might seem too rigid for a startup, the truth is it is an important step, and the sooner you make it, the better will it be for you.


Introducing your employees to these policies and letting them know what is expected of them will be valuable for them as well. This will create a clear structure of what is seen as acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Policies that are good for you to consider:



Dress Code


Startups usually have a more relaxed approach when it comes to the dress code than traditional companies where more formal attire is often required. Still, your workers are the mirror image of your firm, and you don’t want to seem sloppy and unkempt. You should make clear that something like a T-shirt with an offensive word(s) or teared up jeans will not be looked at in a favorable light.



Sick Time


Everyone deserves time to recover and get healthy. Sometimes people who use a sick day excuse when they simply need a day off. If employees are regularly absent or taking sick time, it’s important to connect with them and see what is going on. Software can help you track when people need more support.



Providing Employee Benefits


It’s critical to provide those who are working in your team with benefits packages. Not only will this create a better atmosphere among those who are already working there, but good benefits are a strong competitive advantage when hiring. 



Getting Paperwork in Order  


Paperwork is part of any business, and given the fact that you’re starting fresh, don’t allow it to pile up immediately. HR experts will be able to handle these kinds of things as they are already familiar with the procedure. Personnel files are required, and you can do it the old-fashioned way or go digital. The second option is becoming more and more popular and if you choose it, make sure you have strong security in place to protect confidentiality. 



Working Agreements


This is something HR should take care of, as well. An expert will have the right templates for issues like options and equity, and the appropriate legal language spelling out the obligations of both employer and employee. In employment agreements, be precise and clear and this will eliminate the possibility of any misunderstanding down the road.  



Terminating Employment


It’s never a pleasant thing to end someone’s employment, but it will of course happen. Having a clearly defined process, no matter whether someone is being laid off or resigning or terminated for cause will make the whole situation much more manageable. This means everything will be conducted properly, that employee will leave with the last paycheck, and any company equipment will be returned.   


A strong HR department will be able to deal with some of the most important legal requirements when it comes to startups and emoloyees and define policies and rules that will help the company grow. Also, they allow entrepreneurs to deal with things they are good at and concentrate on their goals.  

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