Effective Email Management Tips From the Pros

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Emails are considered a widely spread method of communication. From using them to finalize business tasks to employing them as a means of keeping in touch with your loved ones, you can always rely on emails to communicate important information. However, managing your inbox may prove to be a time-consuming process if you are one of those people who receive hundreds of emails every day. Instead of filing through dozens of messages at a time, why not use some simple hacks to make the process a breeze? If you feel like you are not managing your emails effectively, try the next few suggestions.

Delete Unnecessary Emails

Part of the reason why your inbox may be so cluttered is that you rarely delete read emails. Down the line, this creates a huge problem and makes managing your inbox impossible. Once you read an email, decide whether it is worth keeping right away. If not, delete it immediately. At the end of the day, you should not have more than 25 emails in your inbox. Instead of permanently deleting them, you can archive the messages you think that you may need to take another look at later. This hack is the easiest way of managing your email account, provided that you check your inbox regularly.

Don’t Sign Up for More Than Two Emails

So, do you have three or more emails that you need to check every day? Well, it may be time to rethink your strategy. Separating your business and personal messages is a great way of staying on top of everything, but having more than two emails means that you have your work cut out for you. You will probably spend hours of your precious time filing through the emails you have received, which is simply counter-productive. To avoid this pitfall, inform your contacts that you will be switching emails as a way of consolidating all your inboxes into just two. We also recommend that you use different providers for your personal and business accounts. For instance, you may use Gmail for work-related messages and Outlook for personal ones.

Invest in CRM Software

Deleting unnecessary emails and checking your inbox often will only get you so far if you run a business. Keeping track of all the messages you and your clients have sent can turn into a nightmare. You may end up confused as to which emails need follow-up action and which can be safely archived or deleted. According to the information on this site, a CRM (customer relationship management) software is a great asset for business owners everywhere. Not only does it send you a notification when your clients open your emails, but it also sets reminders for follow-up action. If you are in a sector that relies on driving sales, a CRM application is the best investment you can go for since it will allow you to generate more profits and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Set Inbox Rules

Don’t worry if CRM applications are not for you; there is another way to manage your inbox in case you only use it for personal communication. Most providers allow users to set filters and create folders and subfolders. By applying these filters, your emails will be automatically sorted into their designated folders without your input, helping you avoid unnecessary confusion. If you are a Gmail user, choose a couple of messages in your inbox and select “filter messages like these.” You can then set the rules you want to allow Gmail to organize your messages automatically.

Forgo Unneeded Services

Let’s face it; we are guilty of clicking that shiny “subscribe to news teller” button whenever we find a service or website that we think is interesting. In the long run, this makes our inboxes full of spam. Try as you might, these emails will continue to pop up in your inbox. Although almost all email providers offer intricate spam filters, some messages may end up slipping through. The only solution is to unsubscribe from these news tellers. Don’t be afraid to hit that “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of these messages, as this will make managing your inbox much more manageable.

Managing your email does not have to be a time hog. With the right mindset, you can make your inbox a lot more clutter-free. By forgoing unneeded services, deleting unnecessary emails, or investing in CRM software if you need it, emails will be your favorite method of communication. To expand on these tips, we recommend that you dedicate an hour every day to checking your new messages. 


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