Management Skills an Effective IT Manager Should Have

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The list of traits that qualify you for any job is never-ending and employers are getting more demanding with their requirements every day. If you aim for a  management position, you will need to have a whole different set of skills. The qualities you should have are not only professional, but interpersonal ones as well if you want to become a successful manager. If you work in the IT field, being a skilled manager can be a bit challenging. With that being said, below you will find the most crucial skills that you need to acquire before becoming an IT manager. 

Interpersonal Skills

If you are going to become a manager, you should learn how to deal with everyone around you. You should build strong relationships that can make people want to stay around out of loyalty even in the worst situations. To become a team leader, earning the respect of the employees is important so they can trust your decisions and follow them. You can achieve that by putting effort to know everyone individually rather than confusing their names together. Social activities and professional training will allow you to understand them and they will get to know each other well. 


There is a fine line between getting them to be friendly with you while respecting you and removing all boundaries to the point that they disrespect you. You should master how to stay professional and approachable at the same time to effectively lead them in different projects. That way, you will have authority over them but without being too harsh or distant. 


You cannot become a manager without having optimum communication skills. You will be expected to communicate with each employee correctly according to each person’s personality. Furthermore, you will act as the connection between the staff and the senior partners, so you need to know how to transfer information between them. You should master the verbal and written methods of communication as well as being an avid listener. 


The staff should be able to communicate with you without being afraid or hesitant.  You are the one that should give the impression that your door is always open. If you are too busy to stick to that, you can arrange a weekly meeting to openly discuss any issues or concerns they may have. It’s important to make your staff feel like they matter. 

Using Comprehensible Language


The problem with the IT department is that some projects may involve new terminologies or field-specific concepts. That’s why IT consultants at EIRE Systems recommend explaining to them everything in layman terms to avoid sounding condescending. This will encourage the staff to develop their IT skills and become better at their work and willing to go the extra mile. You will notice after a while that the employees are familiar with new projects because they have been motivated to self-learn to impress you and make their job easier.


Organization skills are necessary because you will have to jump from one responsibility to another. If you don’t have a schedule that you stick to you, the workload will be impossible to handle and all tasks will overlap with each other. Not to mention that the amount of stress will double because you will have no idea how to finish the tasks at hand. Remember that as a manager you will have to look out for the employees, hold meetings, write reviews, and contact clients. You will also have to set an example for your colleagues and delegate work to them to ensure that everyone has a task that they own and keeps the work process organized. 


Sometimes the workload in the IT department is too hard to handle by one person alone, even if you are the manager. Accordingly, managers will delegate tasks to their colleagues to make their hours less busy. However, you must know every employee’s strengths well to be able to assign the tasks according to their abilities. 

Problem Solving

As a manager, you will face countless problems that you should tend to and solve on a daily basis. To be able to spot and fix the issue, you should be attentive to detail and never lose your composure. You should also harness your creative thinking skills to make decisions on the spot without an ounce of hesitation. That way, you will ensure that work will flow smoothly without making anyone feel that a disaster is about to happen.


An IT manager should find a balance between technical knowledge and management skills. However, you cannot become successful without maintaining interpersonal relationships that will form strong bonds between you and your staff. To lead a group of people, you should know them well on a personal and a professional level. 


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Adam Tanton

Adam Tanton

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