Strategies for Winning Big on Online Betting Sites In The Philippines

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Every businessperson likes to chill with a little high risk entertainment, and online gambling can be a great stress reducer!

Betting sites in the Philippines are online sportsbooks and bookmakers that allow Filipinos to wager money on different sporting events. Some of the sports included are football, basketball, boxing, among others. These betting sites have become a viable replacement for traditional betting shops. Rather than visiting a betting shop, Filipino sports lovers can now place their bets via their mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.


Betting sites in the Philippines are regulated by the Philippines Amusement and Gambling Corporation (PAGCOR) and also by the Philippine Offshore Gambling Operator Licenses (POGO). The PAGCOR regulations are majorly for indigenous betting companies who want to operate in the Philippines. POGO, on the other hand, has allowed foreign betting companies to operate in the Filipino betting industry without being physically present in the country. 

How They Work

Nonetheless, no betting company, whether local or international, can operate in the country without having an operating license from PAGCOR or POGO. Another major takeaway is that indigenous betting sites in the Philippines are subjected to a 20% tax on individual winnings while international sportsbooks and bookmakers aren’t. Some of the betting sites currently operating in the Philippines include 1XBET, 22BET, BETFAIR and TONYBET.


Can People Win Big Via Betting Sites In The Philippines?


Everyone who wagers a bet does so with the desire to make profits. As such, the primary aim of engaging betting sites in the Philippines is to make more money. However, this is not as straightforward as it seems. Many factors go into placing a winning bet, including luck, betting strategies, access to information and the bookmaker used. Thus, while you can make a substantial profit from betting in the Philippines, there’s also a chance that you lose some money. But you know what they say; no risk, no reward.

Evelyn Balyton is an expert on betting sites in the Philippines and has outlined a few tips for Filipino bettors looking to get rich through betting. 

  1. Always have a betting budget. This helps you to bet responsibly. Due to the uncertainty inherent in wagering bets on future events, it’s advisable to set some money apart for it. Having a betting budget also helps you to be more accountable for your expenditures.
  2. Deploy a betting method. The most successful punters are those who have a method or betting strategy. This strategy can be in form of particular betting markets, a number of odds or even particular competitions wagered upon. Having a working betting method helps to improve your chances of winning big from betting sites in the Philippines.
  3. Read and understand the market options. Whatever betting market you’re going to wager on should be one you’re well versed in. this makes it important for you to read the terms and conditions of the bookmaker you choose to bank it. It’s also advisable to consult their betting rules so you aren’t caught unawares. 
  4. Consult betting prediction sites. Winning big from betting or sports gambling requires adequate access to information. These may be in form of projected lineups, head to head meetings, team strengths, weakness and current form. Rather than taking it upon yourself to analyse each game on your betslip, it’s advisable to use reliable prediction sites. One of the major football prediction sites in the Philippines, Mightytips, also provides a review of bookmakers in the country so you can bet on the best predictions and the biggest odds.


Although the above steps don’t guarantee you sure winnings, they are usually rewarding when abided by. It’s imperative that you don’t see betting sites in the Philippines as your primary source of income or job replacement. It should always be borne in mind that betting is purely for fun and entertainment instead of a full-time job. Filipino bettors should also endeavour to quit when the fun stops to prevent gambling addictions and other negative consequences.


In conclusion, betting sites in the Philippines should be seen as a two-way street where both losses and wins can be made. Bettors shouldn’t look upon this avenue as a substitute for employment or primary source of income to forestall anxiety, addiction, financial loss and many other disadvantages that can result from gambling. Rather, if done responsibly and for entertainment purposes, Filipinos can indeed make huge winnings from betting sites in the Philippines.

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