The Basics: What Are Static Residential Proxies and What Makes Them Special?

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Residential proxies are incredibly useful for security, bypassing geo-restrictions, browse the Internet anonymously, data extraction, and much more. They use IP addresses of real users that can be traced to a real physical location. In this way, you are able to surf the Internet as residential users without any restrictions. Since residential proxies are leased out to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) by real users, it is extremely difficult for websites to flag them as proxies. Hence, your IP address doesn’t get blocked or restricted while web browsing. 

Rotating residential proxies and static residential proxies are two kinds of residential proxies. While rotating residential proxies are borrowed from the customers of ISP, static residential proxies don’t involve any end users. They are provided directly by an ISP. As the name suggests, static residential proxies are used in cases where you don’t need your proxies to be dynamic. 

Static residential proxies have some really useful features that make it incredibly special. However, before getting into them, let’s first know more about static residential proxies.

What are Static residential proxies?

Although residential proxies provide robust security and reliability, they don’t have a good speed. Static residential proxies are designed to enhance the speed of residential proxies by combining the features of residential and data center proxies. In other words, the anonymity of residential proxies is combined with the fast speed of data center proxies to get static residential proxies. Unlike rotating residential proxies, static residential proxies have no end-users involved as they directly come from an ISP. 

There are many reasons that make static residential proxies special. Let’s have a look at the major ones. 

What makes static residential proxies special?

Static residential proxies are extraordinary as they combine the best features of residential and data center proxies. With static residential proxies, speed is no longer an issue faced by the users of residential proxies. 

Moreover, they are a great alternative to dynamic and rotating residential proxies. In some cases, you can’t use proxies that keep switching IP addresses. Hence, a static residential proxy comes in handy in such situations.

Let’s look at some of the most special features of static residential proxies.

  • Stability: One of the best features of static residential proxies is stability. Unlike rotating proxies that keep rotating or shifting their IP addresses after every 10 mins, static residential proxies provide stability or remain “static”. 

There are instances such as online meetings, remote work, filling online forms, making online transactions, etc. where dynamic proxies can prove to be highly problematic. In such situations, using dynamic proxies can interrupt your internet connection. Moreover, sometimes your IP address gets blocked because it keeps switching. As a result, a static residential proxy comes in handy in all these circumstances. 

  • High Speed: Static residential proxies offer a super-fast speed as they use both data center and residential proxies. The only major problem with residential proxies is their speed. Their speed is comparatively low as compared to data center proxies, but they offer greater reliability and security which makes users stick to them. Nevertheless, the shortcoming of residential proxies has been overcome by static residential proxies. 
  • Anonymity: Static residential proxies are the best for keeping your identity anonymous on online platforms. They use the IP addresses of real residential users, and hence, your identity remains anonymous. It is extremely challenging for websites to trace your real identity as static residential proxies are not easily flagged as proxies. 
  • Security: Static residential proxies are well-known for their high security. The fact that static residential proxies belong to real residential users makes these proxies highly secure. Why? Websites cannot easily trace your identity as your real IP is hidden or masked with the IPs of residential users. 


There is no doubt that static residential proxies are special. But what makes them special? Static residential proxies are a combination of two of the globally renowned proxies- residential proxies and data center proxies. As a result, you get both high security and reliability of residential proxies, and a faster speed of data center proxies. Besides, static residential proxies offer great stability. Unlike dynamic proxies that keep switching IPs, static residential proxies allow them to be associated with a specific IP address. Nonetheless, you can select various locations through a residential proxy server to bypass geo-restrictions and IP blocking. Hence, stability, high speed, anonymity, and robust security all add to the uniqueness and specialty of static residential proxies. 

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