The Business of Sport: Players’ Names That Have Made Football What It Is Today

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Crowds gather in stadiums, in pubs and bars, viewing centers, or at home, to watch the thrilling and heart-racing game called football. The world-class innovation, technological advancements, and the fast-growing rise of sports betting makes football the most talked about sport in the world, from free bets to predictions for matches. But what makes this sport so grand? Who are the key players that have ensured football stays on the lips of every child, youth, and senior? Here are the names that have made football what it is today. 


  • William McGregor and Charles W. Alcock. 

These two come in at the top spot because of their unforgettable contribution to football. They both founded the first league and first cup competitions back in the 19th century. Mcgregor was a prominent footballer who was tired of the incessant cancellations of games. He spoke to some of England’s top clubs at the time and formed the Football League in 1888. 

As for Alcock, he played for Sunderland and was a notable football and cricket player. His name went down in history after organizing the first international game between England and Scotland in 1870. He then created the FA Cup, which is the first cup competition in football history.  


  • Jimmy Hogan. 

Jimmy Hogan isn’t that popular, and the question should really be, why? Jimmy Hogan was more of an average player, but when he started coaching, it was awe-inspiring. He created a smooth game-playing strategy that changed how the game was played across countries like Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. 

He coached the Switzerland team to the 1924 Olympic games, helped the Austrian team become a formidable one, and also inspired the exceptional play that gave Hungary the 6-3 edge against England at Wembley.  


  • Herbert Chapman. 

Again, like Jimmy Hoga, Herbert wasn’t what you’d call a spectacular football player. It wasn’t until he stepped into his managerial career that he got the accolades he deserved. Chapman was the one who created the WM formation, which reigned for more than half a century. 

He was a true revolutionary when it came to creating new tactics and training techniques. He was also part of the smart minds that started ‘numbered T-shirts and helped create more thrilling European competitions.  


  • Charles William Miller. 

Charles Miller is considered the father of Brazilian football by many. Some may ask why this is such a big deal; well, some of the most popular and legendary names in football were born and raised in Brazil. The likes of Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Garrincha were a force to reckon with on the field. Miller was the one who brought some footballs and the FA rulebook to Brazil, then helped form a formidable league system in the country.  


  • Ebenezer Cobb Morley. 

Ebenezer Morley was a famous sportsman, but also a solicitor. At the age of 27, he went to Barnes and became one of the founding members of the FA. He was one of the big brains behind establishing the official rules that govern the way football is played today.  

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