Which Tools to Use for Amazon Market Research

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Are you an Amazon seller? Then you’ve probably realized that the market is hyper-competitive. And, Amazon market research tools are what you need to make it easier for you.

But, how do you identify the right tools?

The great news is, there are many. And, we’ve prepared 6 of the most effective ones.

The right research tools help you be more competitive by setting great prices, help you identify new niches, and help you in aggregating market data to better track other sellers. Doing all this on a spreadsheet was always a struggle everyone dreaded. Fortunately, you don’t have to anymore. These 4 tools will help in designing and executing the right strategy you need to get selling more. Let’s get on it.

AMZ Tracker

By now, you are probably more familiar with the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and the use of keywords. But how aware are you of this optimization on Amazon?

Amazon search engine and use of keywords are what consumers use on a daily basis to easily find products. As such, your products should have preferable keywords for better ranking. And, AMZ Tracker is one of the most ideal tools to help you do that.


AMZ Tracker helps you track certain keywords and their ranking to help you be more specific with your products. Also, it is especially effective in conversions. It helps you generate reports on your products and identify the gaps that need to be closed so that you can be more aggressive with the marketing.


Additionally, AMZ Tracker offers alerts on any negative reviews on products, an in-depth analysis of competitors, and helps you construct a “super” URL to better rank your products.

This tool will also send alerts should your listings experience any hijackings from competitors. This allows you to reclaim your listing as soon as possible before a competitor can hijack your market to gather data. For starters, there is a free trial period of 7 days after which monthly pricing ranges from $50 up to $400. 

Jungle Scout

What are the fastest-moving products this week on Amazon?

You probably don’t have Jungle Scout if that question was a brainer for you. Jungle Scout is rated as probably the best tool for Amazon product research. This is a tool that has earned this position because of its reliability. Many authoritative publications have rated it as the most helpful tool.   What does this tool do? To begin with, Jungle Scout allows you to access and filter the entire Amazon database. This enables you to uncover some niches and identify greater opportunities. 


Additionally, it comes with a Chrome extension to make it easier to get insights as soon as you visit detailed pages of various products and view their reviews and estimated sales. And, it runs in the cloud eliminating the need for downloading more software. And, it comes with great resources. Be sure to go through the articles.


This is perhaps the keywords master tool. Scope offers keywords prioritizing the highest-ranked to help you improve your searches.  Experts at infinitefba.com advise that finding the average CPC bids and estimated sales based on certain keywords are vital to helping you be more competitive. And, Scope’s reverse ASIN helps you inspect keywords to monitor these nifty details.


Scope tool gives product listing by their estimated sales, price, and fees. It allows you the flexibility of filtering products based on star ratings, sales rank, reviews, and the number of sellers. Scope also comes in Chrome extension that saves the details and keywords in a CSV format.  Also, it has a great profit calculator. This comes in handy when determining profit margins for your products. The monthly prices with all the vital services start at $32 but the Chrome extension with fewer services is free. 

SellerLabs Feedback Genius


What informs consumer preference? Reviews, probably. When many products are offering the same quality and pricing, more is needed to help the consumer decide. And, best reviews on products helps people decide. For this reason, it is very important to have positive reviews. 

Amazon allows posting of reviews by customers and these reviews could be standing between success and failure for your business.  Feedback Genius tool helps you contact customers automatically to encourage them to drop reviews.  That’s great, how does it work? This tool allows you to set certain specific triggers and filters so that you could contact customers when it’s best. Be sure to have a list to avoid sending emails to customers that have expressly opted out.  


These tools will put your business on a successful trajectory by allowing your operations to be more efficient and effective. By using them, you and your team will have a better and faster time coming up with the results you desire.

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