6 Best Ideas for Your WordPress Site for 2021

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With 2020 almost in our rearview mirrors, it’s time to start looking forward to the not-so-distant future of 2021 and what it holds. In particular, what it holds for your website making abilities. We all know WordPress is the king of website development and has been for some time, so it’s not going anywhere into next year but we do need some good ideas for it.


All of the websites out there, and potentially your competition if you’re running a business on a WordPress site, are looking to gear up and do new things with their sites. That means you need to be ready to create some magic and you need some good ideas. Here are just 6 useful things you can add to your WordPress site for 2021.

Optimizing for SEO

This one is kind of a given seeing as how important search engines are for site traffic and viability. The new year isn’t going to mean that SEO isn’t any less important though so you have to be sure that your content is good on your site and that there is plenty of keywords to go around that will improve your ranking. SEO is going to help you get views and improve your site’s organic traffic so it never hurts to prioritize this as a goal, even if you already are implementing it.

Using Themes

Obviously, your site needs a theme, but you can always consider doing it in a much simpler way than building everything from scratch. As you can see from AMPWPTools.com, it is really easy to find premade themes and plugins that will be able to be inputted into your WordPress site. This makes the site creation or updating much simpler than having to sweat out all of the work yourself. Using these themes is also a good way to get some well-done work on your page that adds some more professional flair. 

Reduce the Number of Plugins

Plugins are great for your WordPress site, but they also may be slowing it down too. Going into the new year, you want to make sure that one of the most important aspects of your site is that the functionality is on point, which means it is fast as lightning. Go through your plugin list and remove anything you aren’t using or can reasonably do without so you can help speed it up and get rid of some of the clunk.

Make Your 404 Page Custom

The dreaded 404 page doesn’t have to be so dreaded for your site. This can feel like a deciding point for a potential site viewer as they now think they have hit a dead-end and plan to exit, but what you can do to alleviate this problem is customize those 404 pages so they know they’re still on the site (yours) that they were meant to be on. This is also a good chance to include some intersite linking to make sure that they are still going to be floating around your pages and hopefully converting into clicks.

Stop Bot Spam

Bots are a nuisance that is unfortunately not going away into the new year but at least you can make sure they don’t bother your site too much. The reCAPTCHA tool is a really handy way to prevent bots from mucking up your reviews, your contact form spam, and just about anywhere they can be dropping in when they aren’t wanted. A tell-tale sign that someone should vacate a site is when every comment or review is a bot spamming another product or service so you want to get this under control for the integrity of your site.

Create a Dedicated Admin URL


This is a good little security trick to make your site just a tad safer. The login page for your website is defaulted by WordPress as a URL, but you can change it to a dedicated admin URL that is different, which makes it more difficult for hackers to get in. When they don’t know what this unique URL is, they will be a lot harder pressed to get into your sensitive information or user information.


Going into next year, you want to have a leg up on your work and on your competition, which means you need to start planning how to improve your WordPress site. While just a few ideas, this list should help provide you with some good starting ideas for a new site or even to help improve an existing one, no matter how big or small.


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Adam Tanton

Adam Tanton

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