Crowd Marketing Trends for 2021

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Want to know what crowd marketing directions are relevant in 2021? Then you should read this article. We will tell you about all the new secrets.


Crowd Marketing Directions Relevant in 2021

Everything changes and marketing does not standstill. There are many ways to engage your audience, but what will work in 2021? Here are some basic crowd marketing directions that will definitely be relevant.

Organic Links

All marketers and SEO specialists understand that an organic link to a promoted resource is very valuable. It is best if average users leave comments, and it looks like a natural advertisement. Of course, you can create many accounts or use specialized services for this. It’s like when you pay for an essay online. Which directions to choose for the greatest efficiency?

Niche Social Platforms

If your clients are teenagers, then TikTok, Instagram, Likee, and other platforms will be very relevant. Many bloggers have a big impact on the audience, and you can expect to see a significant increase in traffic using such platforms. The main goal is natural link placement and native integration so that it looks like the personal opinion of some user or famous person.

The main thing to remember is that this type of marketing almost always involves a financial investment. The effectiveness of your marketing campaign will depend on your budget. There is certainly a domino effect, which implies organic audience growth without your participation. But this is possible only in rare cases.

Forums & Video Services

Forums are especially effective because you can find the most loyal audience here. For example, you need to advertise a guitar company. If you publish an organic post advising to buy a guitar and arguing for this action, then quite a few musicians can become potential clients.

The same goes for video services. Comments with links should look natural. Then a large number of people will go to the desired site. It’s no more complicated than deciding to order essay online. You need to choose a thematic video or channel with a large audience. For example, YouTube still holds a leading position in the video services segment.

Thematic Sites

But it’s not just forums and video services that may be the right direction in 2021. There are quite a few themed sites that can be a source of leads and a place for marketing. Various internet websites with life hacks, tips, and tricks can become part of your crowd-sourcing campaign to attract new customers.

You need to choose the right option. How to do it? Everything is very simple. Stick to the same niche as relevant for the advertised website or business. But this is not true for everyone. For example, crowd marketing will be useless for offline stores selling a specific product.

Reviews on Specialized Sites

There are many services where people can leave feedback on various sites. Arrange a massive write of positive comments with active links. But every post must be believable. Do not idolize any service or site in the comments. Then it will look like direct advertising.

Delicacy and anonymity are important here. Such sites can be compared to writing services. Let’s say you wrote to the manager, “Can you write essay for me?” This online specialist will not tell your professor that you have ordered the paper. Crowd marketing should look natural too.

Mentions Without Active Links

This type of crowd marketing will be relevant for a very long time. The point is that positively mentioning a brand anywhere is a good advertisement. But direct links can negate the effect of well-written text. The lack of a direct link looks more confidential.

That is why the mass publication of original messages on sites and forums is still relevant and acceptable for 2121. You can even write the brand name with a mistake. This won’t be a problem. It is important for the target audience that the commentary motivates for a certain action.


Many blogs are great for crowd marketing. First, the audience trusts the site owner. You can also order creative publications and a series of comments from supposedly real users. This will also be appropriate in 2021. The main thing is to follow all the basics of crowd marketing.

Even though this promotion method has been in existence for many years, the general postulates remain unchanged. Only the placement of publications with links or brand mentions changes. This means that all those sites where you posted comments previously are still relevant to you. But don’t neglect new platforms, blogs, and video services. This can be a source of additional traffic and leads.

So now you know all the trends and directions of crowd marketing for 2021. Try to experiment and manually identify the most profitable websites for collaboration. You should also rely on the experience of competitors in your niche. Then you will understand what works best with a specific example. This is always wise because you should not make other people’s mistakes.



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