How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Sales

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Not too long ago, you wouldn’t have heard about businesses trying to double or triple their sales through the usage of the internet. Thanks to the rapid developments and our unavoidable reliance on the internet, it became a core marketing channel that’s consistently used to boost the sales performances of companies. The variety and data offered by Facebook’s system can certainly overwhelm people who are new to digital marketing, so we’ve created a brief guide that should help you grow your sales.


Prioritize Engagement

Social media channels are structurally based on engagement. What defines a brand can sometimes be how it engages its customers. On Facebook, your top goal should be finding ways to create content that makes your target audience inclined to engage with you. This is one of the essential steps that you need to make sure to get right if you want your page to truly help you grow your sales. This doesn’t mean that you should try to get all those who like your page to engage with a post, having at least 10% engaging with your posts is more than enough to create the needed traction that can help your sales get off the ground. Don’t shy away from diversifying your content by all including a myriad of different types of posts, such as photos, videos, facts, links to relevant sources, and similar content.

Facebook’s algorithm is designed to show relevant pages and groups as much as possible, which is why engagement is a very important metric that the algorithm relies on. Your fans aren’t going to see your posts if they aren’t actually engaging with the page, which is a tactic that Facebook uses to ensure that the content on the user’s timeline is customized to suit their likes and interests. 


Utilize Product-Specific Groups

It’s not unheard of to hear about groups created specifically for members that are paying customers of services or products. You should avoid inviting people randomly in your group because that gives the wrong idea and portrays you as a brand that’s trying to spam its potential customers. You can nail the timing by inviting customers who have just paid for your services or products, taking into consideration their high interest in your brand since they just paid money. In cities with young median age and multicultural populations such as Melbourne, you can expect their usage of Facebook to be a great catalyst to your social media scheme. Posting facebook ads in Melbourne will help you target the perfect audience for your products and services, in addition to helping you gather more members for your group. You can resort to incentives by posting discounts and special offers for group members, making it worthwhile for your customers to stay updated and read the posts of the group. The ability to easily upsell is often one of the major benefits of using groups, which already has a higher chance of success with existing customers.


Using Facebook for Improved Communication

A few decades ago, almost every ad had a phone number attached to it somewhere. That wasn’t odd because it was basically one of the very few methods of communication with brands. These days, Facebook is being designated as one of the default channels of contact between a brand and its customers. Your customers can directly message the brand on Messenger without any hassle. This can actually help make the minds of customers who aren’t really sure if you have what they’re looking for.

Once your customers get a quick and informative reply, their doubts will be put to rest and they’ll know whether you’ve got the right thing for them. Small businesses are in need of this kind of boost more than international and well-established brands, especially local brands that haven’t been around for a while. Getting information directly from the seller or brand can be considered reassurance that can make your potential customers ready to finally convert.

Utilizing Facebook Offers

As of lately, Facebook has been implementing a lot of business-oriented functionalities that can be used to boost sales. Facebook offers are considered one of the best ways to introduce new offers and discounts to both your existing and potential customers. Limited-time offers on your products will incentivize customers to quickly use the opportunity to get their favorite products at a discounted price. Exclusive offers are known for creating this sense of urgency, which can actually be stronger than the price or features of most items. The ‘fear of missing out’ is a very popular term in marketing circles and social media is a pretty good channel to relay that effect on potential customers. Whether it’s a one-time-only, limited-time, or limited-quantity offer, your customers would think twice before they pass up the chance to purchase. You can use the “offer” button on your page to control the headline, photos, and date of the offer that you post to your customers. You may need to pay a fee to be able to promote it to the target audience you have in mind.


Use Contests to Widen your Customer Base

There are hundreds of activities, pages, and platforms that demand people’s attention. Unless you are actively doing something that grabs the attention and forces people to interact with you, your engagement numbers are bound to suffer.

You can utilize contests on different subjects that can cater to people’s different interests. You can get yourself a well-established facebook account, accsmarket might help you with that, and run a contest. When you create a contest and announce prizes from your own products, you are killing two birds with one stone. On one hand, you are growing your page and engagement, on the other, you are getting people to try your products. This will rapidly increase your sales. Bear in mind that you must offer lucrative prizes in order to convince people to interact. These prizes can be discount coupons to be used for purchasing your products or free samples and products.


Social media marketing happens to be one of the latest digital marketing trends that have been garnering a lot of attention. Facebook, being the biggest social media vehicle in the last decade, has been optimizing and tweaking itself to become the perfect platform for both small and big businesses’ marketing.


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