Proven Ways to Improve Your SEO Strategy

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Nowadays, the market is becoming digitalized, and every business owner is pursuing various ways to increase their online reach. Search engine optimization is gaining popularity, especially among entrepreneurs interested in e-commerce. And that’s where a digital marketing agency comes in. This is because people use different browsers to find products, services, or courses. Your goal should be to make your website one of the top results that appear to people on the front page. Consumers trust websites with higher rankings because they believe in the algorithm system that filters businesses. 


Improving your ranking is not a small feat because it will take a lot of time, effort, and money. The real problem is that you may have no idea which method to go for or if you have the necessary skills and budget. 


To help you formulate a well-thought strategy, we provide you with some proven ways to include it in your plan. 

Launching Mobile-Friendly Version

It is no longer an option not to have a mobile-friendly version for your website because people search for almost everything using their smartphones due to their accessibility and availability. If a certain website lags while loading on the phone, consumers will instantly close it because no one can tolerate slow services. 


Surveys showed that about 55% of searches come from mobile devices rather than desktops. If you are in the process of building your website, optimize it for mobile use from the start. However, if your site has been up and running for a while, look for ways to optimize. If it’s not possible, launch another version that goes under the same domain. 

Using a Website Audit

Before trying to increase your search engine optimization, consider identifying your site’s points of strengths and weaknesses; this can be accomplished by using an SEO website audit. It will check all aspects, such as the internal structure, architecture, and site content. After a thorough check-up, it will pinpoint the areas you need to develop. 


An SEO audit will provide you with some tools to help you identify which part of the website appeals to browsers and controls your rankings. This is especially important to do if your target audience is geographically based, namely in highly competitive cities such as Philadelphia. Sometimes, if your business is just starting, you may not have access to these tools. In that case, consider finding an expert who works at an SEO agency that can use a technical audit. After gathering the results, the expert should give you recommendations and advice based on the findings. That way, you will benefit from the tools as well as the expertise of the agents. 

Improving Site Navigation

The target of any browser is to provide people with the best user experience; your website must be easy to navigate with everything the visitors need readily available. For instance, the search bar should be at the top of the page with some features, such as a filtering option. Consider incorporating the rule of thumb while optimizing the website, where anything can be reached in not more than three clicks.

Posting High-Quality Content

Content is the backbone of any website, so if they are of high-quality and people find your posts relevant, browsers will start to notice you as a credible source. The blog shouldn’t only be well-written because a lot of people can write beautifully; it should have relevant content, useful insights, and entertaining facts that engage visitors. 


To write this type of content, you need to put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes. For instance, think about what challenges they may face related to your services or products. Creating solutions for free about these problems will attract consumers, and they will think of you as a person who is trying to help. 


Since we are not psychics and cannot expect to know what other people think about, a proven way to identify customers’ challenges is through keyword research. Some tools can help generate keywords concerning a certain topic, so put them in your blog posts. It is recommended to use long sentences rather than one word because people tend to write multiple words to get the most accurate results. 

Eliminate Duplicate Content

One thing that can bring your rankings down is duplicate content because browsers want sites to have unique ideas. For instance, if you have two web pages with similar topics or links, browsers will recognize them as unoriginal and decrease your SEO. Therefore, it’s crucial to regularly check your website and remove any identical content to save your site from going down the drain. 

Search engine optimization shouldn’t be underestimated because it won’t matter how good your business is if your website doesn’t appear to people. Investing time and effort in coming up with different strategies to up your rankings will pay off in the end when you find yourself at the top of the results. Make sure to adopt the above methods in your plan to improve your website’s SEO.


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