Qualities of a Successful Business Website

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These days, it is virtually unheard of for a company to be absent from the internet. Not only do potential customers expect it, but they want to have the most up to date options available. If one site offers video content, the others have to quickly follow suit. Any company that does not match what its rivals have to offer takes a huge risk. It could lose business and become a dinosaur virtually overnight. 


We will now discuss some of the key things companies need to think about when creating their websites.  

They Benefit From Other Peoples’ Expertise

Businesses can learn a lot from the internet for free. Many websites can advise on this subject, as well as the video content available on Youtube. 


People also trawl the internet for companies that specialize in website creation. They wish to explain what they want over the phone or to send written inquiries. The experts at Something Design say that people seek designers to help with their web pages and to gain free business proposals. It can reduce the pressure on companies when third parties build these sites for the

An Engaging Home Page

This is the first thing a potential customer will see. They will want to discover a clear description of what this business has to offer. The emphasis should be on how the company can meet the person’s needs or solve their problems. Is there something unique about this company? How are its products or services different? These are the things that need to be shown here. 


Picture content can be more engaging than text, but video trumps it all. The public responds well when they see faces and a person telling their story and making it personal. 

A Simple Design

Companies must understand their target audience and build the site around them. The simplicity of display and information is better than having mountains of text and data. 


It’s worth looking at the websites of rival companies to ensure it will not look incompatible. Choose a suitable logo and a strapline that sums up the company in one sentence. Create a clear brand and let the page colors reflect this. 

Effective Navigation

The public is very impatient these days. If the website lags or doesn’t load quickly, they may move elsewhere. It’s therefore important to secure a site that has a fast performance and data speed. It should be able to cope with internal search engines and as many pages as the website require. 


The site should be tested on all platforms before the ‘go live’. This means it should be able to function well when accessed from a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Mobile-first websites appear to be the way of the future, according to recent research. 

Quality Pictures

There may be many photos on the website. They may include the products, perhaps shown from different angles. If the quality of these pictures is substandard, this will look highly unprofessional. 


While some phones can take pictures that are comparable to digital cameras, corners must not be cut to save money. If a person uses photos from the internet, they must be with the owner’s permission. Some websites such as Unsplash or Pixabay provide royalty-free photos, while others charge for them.


Some websites are disability-friendly. This means that visual impairments will be taken into account. Such things as contrasting colors will be considered before the site is made live. This may especially apply to such sites as those used by the elderly or who have sight issues. 

Engaging Content

If regular posts are published on the website, this can help its visibility and rank online. The content should be engaging and contain headings and material that are rich in search words. They are what people are entering into such internet browsers as Google and Firefox. It’s wise to read up on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to maximize this.  


Bloggers can sometimes gain quite a following over time and earn themselves the reputation of being experts. In turn, this can encourage trust in the company and its products and services. 


A Customer Focus

It’s worth asking friends, family, and existing customers about the design of this website. What do they like or not like, and what do they want to be able to access? Potential customers may want to see an online catalog. They may expect to see drop-down menus that provide additional product information and customer reviews. 


If it’s an attorney website, for example, the public would expect to see details of their specialism and track record. There should be details of their qualifications and any organizations they are affiliated with. Client testimonials would also be sought. 


Many websites these days include customer portals. Customers have to register before they can buy a product, but when they have, they can access a special portal. It may include account data, dispatch or delivery information, or even details about refunds. 

After-service Pages And Contact Information

Customers may say, ‘Ok, so I’ve bought the product. I have some questions about it. Do you have an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page? Do you have product videos I can watch that show me how to use them?’


Every business website should feature an easily accessible contact page. This may include phone numbers and postal and email addresses. There may be the option to write an inquiry online and to receive a reply by email within 24 hours. 

A Secure Site 

Customers will expect the business website to be protected from hackers. Some sites store peoples’ bank card details for future use or contain other account information. If a customer portal is entered by using a password, this is another area needing online safety. 


For this reason, all incoming and outgoing communication needs to be encrypted. That means it will be encoded in such a way that hackers struggle to get through the additional layers.  


A successful business site will reflect all the different aspects we have discussed. It will be well-placed to be seen by potential customers and to generate business. Once the site is up, it will be the central hub of the company’s operation. 

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