Relocating after a Transfer? Tips for Packing Shoes!

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Moving is a huge task to do that requires efficient planning. Each task related to move requires a lot of time but packing is the task that requires most of the time. Start packing up of your entire office whenever you decide to move. While packing, footwear are one of the most difficult items to pack because of their several shapes and sizes. And if you just throw these at the end in a bag then chances are they will get damaged during transit here is how the best local movers around you describe the right way of packing your shoes for a move.




  • First of all, clean shoes. 
  • Stuff them using the newspaper or rolled up clothing items like shoes, socks, swimwear, or other small clothing items. Fill the every little nooks and crannies else the shoe shape can be damaged during transit.  
  • Then you should wrap the entire shoes using the paper but make sure you wrap firmly not tightly. 
  • Let both heels and the opening of shoes face in opposite direction. 
  • Pack the heavy items at first, so that it does not put much stress on the other shoe pairs. 
  • You can also use the cushioning using the sweaters and other clothing items above and at the lower of the box to give an added protection. Packing in layers allows to pack more pairs in one large box. 


Expert’s tips:


Prepare your shoes 


It is an integral part of moving footwear if you want complete safety. It prevents the production of any mold during transportation time. Make sure there is no smell in the shoes. To eliminate the shoes, you can freeze the shoes, using citrus like lemon peels are a great way to get rid of bad odors from shoes.  


Clean and stuff shoes using cleaning paper 

It is recommended you clean your shoes at first. Then wrap these into the cleaning paper to save the shoes from scratch marks and other kinds of damages. You can also use newspaper and tissue paper for stuffing if you don’t want to spend money on cleaning papers. Make sure you wrap the shoes well before you pack. This is also a part of preparation. 


Keep their shape intact while utilizing space 

Shoes are like the little packing cubes. The sneakers and the fancy formal shoes tend to loss there shape easily. To protect their shape and to save space, stuff these with little clothing items that are also needed to move to your new home.

Access your shoe inventory to purge some pairs 

Go through the entire collection of shoes and then decide whether a pair of shoes is worth taking? Have you worn this shoe pair at least twice or thrice in the last year? Does this shoe pair fit you well? Are these seasonal pair of shoe prefers to the climate where you are moving to? The answers of these questions help you to sort out all the shoes which you should pack for moving and which you should not.  

Collect packing supplies 

You should have packing supplies like old shoe boxes, packing tape, newspaper, large moving cardboard boxes, markers, and packing papers. There are many packing supplies that you can get free of cost if you put in some serious effort. 


Sort out the shoe according to their type 

You should sort out the entire collection of shoes into groups according to their category. Divide the shoes into categories such as seasonal, formal, casual, and so on. 

Ensure that the footwear is dry completely 

Remember that shoes can contain moisture that builds up or generate mold during transit. You should first wear the shoes at least once before packing to have extra security. You can also use the powder to draw all the moisture from the fabric or leather of the shoes. 

Interlock shoes 

To pack the shoes in the right way, you should interlock these. Interlock in a way that the left shoe’s opening will touch the toe of the right shoes. It will create a rectangle and the entire shoe pairs can pack in less space. 

Keep essential shoes unpacked 

When you pack, you should keep one pair of shoes to wear on a moving day. Usually, people forget to keep a spare pair of shoes to wear on that day. And not just for the moving day, for immediate use, you should keep a few pairs like a pair for an event, daily wear shoe, and your exercise shoe. 

Do you have original boxes of shoes?

If you have original boxes of shoes then pack the recent purchased shoes in their boxes. This is one of the easiest and best ways of packing. 

Bottom line

Relocating is a big task that requires lots of tasks to do in a short duration. Packing shoes is one of the trickiest parts of the entire packing when you relocate. Use the above smart packing tips to make task efficient. You can also use the available suitcases present at your home if you want to save the cost of cardboard boxes. 


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