Vital Software Programs That Will Help You Trade Stocks Better

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Software programs that help with trading stocks are sets of computer programs that encourage trading in stocks and currencies and financial instruments in general. They can significantly improve your decision making when it comes down to picking stocks. One of the ways these programs help you is through fundamental and technical analysis features. Here are some of the crucial software programs you should have if you want to better trader stocks.



Software for retirement savings

When it comes down to picking the best trading house for retirement savers, E*TRADE is the best choice by far. Generally speaking, E*TRADE is an online discount trading house that allows brokerage services to either individuals or businesses. There are two essential platforms to choose from, a basic one and an advanced one. E*TRADE is also a suitable broker for traders of any skill level, and it offers a library of materials that will help you out with research and education. One f this software program’s downfalls is that it has limited currency trading and no paper trading on its standard platform.

Trend prediction

Some companies will offer a lot of free material on their websites; however, the most valuable information can come from being included in their newsletter. A review of the Casey report suggests that stock market trends are tricky to understand because there are too many variables that come into play. This is why monthly investment advisory services are needed to provide you with research reports and market analysis of the trends and profitable investment opportunities. This will allow you to gain knowledge from unique insights that no one is paying attention to.

Day trading software

One software program that is favored both by beginners and seasoned day traders alike is TD Ameritrade, and for a good reason – it offers everything a person needs to trade stocks with success. This brokerage provides its users with real-time quotes, news streaming, and planning tools, to name a few. While this is offered on its web platform, outside of it, it gives traders access to some advanced tools such as thinkManual, market scans, and tutorials on how to make sure they have gotten the most out of the platform. This feature is not a premium feature that needs to be paid for. It’s free of charge, however unbelievable that might sound.


Software for active traders

A brokerage that is the best for active trading is Webull. This software is accessed through its mobile application. It includes stocks free of commission and ETF (Exchange-traded fund)  trading. Webull is best suited for intermediate and experienced investors and traders who follow their lead. One of the things that makes this brokerage famous is its commission-free structure, which allows active traders to save a considerable amount on commissions than other software. Webull’s platform will enable traders to analyze revenue, recommendations, and historical earnings per share data. It also allows access to insider trades, stock information, and key statistics to help traders be more successful.

Technical analysis software

Technical analysis can help traders trade stocks much better. This is why TradingView is by far the most used software in this category of software programs. The charting package offers more than one hundred built-in technical indicators for analyzing the market, covering, of course, the most popular trading indicators. It also offers more than five thousand custom-built indicators! TradingView also allows you to share and create custom studies and signals to create any custom indicator from scratch. In addition to all of these aspects TradingView has to offer, it also provides you with economic data, both domestically and globally, and it can also compare economic data.


Charting tools

A new innovative charting tool that has a wide array of possibilities for the design and testing of market trend lines is called the TrendSpider. It has an automated trend line tool that is thought to be one of the most advanced in the whole market. This software pairs very well with TrendSpider’s automated price alerts. It was built for both beginner and professional traders looking for the best charting tools. TrandSpider’s tools have a free seven-day trial, but it comes with a price. It’s typically billed annually between sixty and one hundred dollars for all its assets. 


See what your trading priorities are, and use this helpful guide to figure out which software best suits your habits. By choosing the right software program to help you better trade stocks, you will be successful with little to no work. The good news is there’s a lot of platforms available on the market, so you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.

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