Why Your Organization Should Utilize Sales Territory Mapping

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When your business involves assigning several sales representatives in the field, you need to layout the geographic areas they will be tasked to cover. It is an essential task that ensures broad and efficient coverage of the market areas and excellent sales opportunities for each assigned representative. This is how sales territory mapping can be broadly defined. However, the traditional process of mapping sales territories is tedious and prone to errors. Thankfully, technology has made sales territory mapping easier and more convenient to help your business stay on the right track.

Here, we’ll present some reasons why your organization should utilize sales territory mapping.

Minimize Mapping Errors

Generating sales territory maps using Google Maps and a highlighter was the old school method. As mentioned earlier, this method was prone to errors due to the lack of viable sales information. Google Maps is only a generic mapping tool after all and your sales reps need a more definitive guide for their field assignments. This is where a reliable sales territory mapping software comes in. You need this software to give you accurate map data that includes client and account data, and allow you to make data-driven decisions. The advanced algorithm and machine learning of sales territory mapping software can sharply decrease chances of human error and remove the guessing game out of your sales strategy with accurate readings and information. You get the exact number of households where prospects and customers can be found, and calculations on the possible division and assignment of territories.

Improve Sales Efficiency

One typical result of a sales mapping error is the overlapping of assigned territories, where there is a chance that a sales rep can make sales in the territory of another representative. This error often leads to disputes and unhealthy competition among sales reps. Another counterproductive result of mapping errors is the increased tendency of sales reps to overshoot beyond their assigned territories.

A software-assisted sales territory mapping can help create well-balanced territories. Using real-time or updated data can help you to distribute territories evenly and give equal sales opportunities for reps on the field and equal chances to meet their quotas. You are also eliminating situations of sales reps crossing each other’s territories. These benefits can help motivate the sales reps in their field assignments and efficiently close sales and generate more leads, which generate more revenues for your business.

Monitor Sales Performance

Utilizing advanced mapping software for sales territory mapping can generate data and reports that you can use to monitor and measure the performance of your sales team. The numbers you receive from the daily sales and visits of your sales reps are essential inputs for your other analytical tools to generate data-driven reports you can present to your sales team weekly or monthly. Sales reps who are regularly guided and updated about their performance perform better because they see reliable information about their accomplishments.

You Gain Insights and Make Adjustments Easily

Your new sales territory mapping method can allow you to look beyond the black and white data generated on your spreadsheet. The steady influx of information can help you identify patterns and movements of sales and customers. You can even make predictions of these movements. Should an adjustment be needed in your sales territory mapping, you have enough data to confidently show to your sales reps and encourage them to adjust their approaches as well.


We have only scratched the surface when it comes to the many benefits of utilizing the modern method of sales territory mapping. In a competitive and fast-paced market, data is essential in creating an effective strategy for covering sales territories. It is vital in guiding your sales reps to perform better, generate more profit for your business, and help your business thrive and grow.

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