Biggest Business Security Issues and Their Solutions

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Security issues are a major risk factor for business owners. They can jeopardize any business’s reputation and put it in danger. A business’s success can be hindered as a result of a security breach. A lot of new business owners can be unprepared for the various security threats that might face them. 



There is a lot to consider when it comes to making sure that your business is fully secure. This is why we are here to tell you about the biggest business security issues and their solutions.

Resentful Employees

Every business owner would like to think that they have won over the complete loyalty of their employees. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. One of the biggest security business threats is internal breaches. Employees, especially those who work in the IT department, can be a serious threat to your business. Employees who have access to networks, admin accounts, and data centers have a lot of knowledge about your business. They also probably are aware of all of its weak spots. Spiteful employees can use this information to weaken your business. Employees who have access to such information but no longer work in your organization can also be a threat. If they start working in a competing organization, they may reveal this information to benefit their new workplace. 


To reduce the risks of having privileged and confidential information leaked, you should recognize all confidential credentials and accounts. You also need to discontinue the accounts that are not used anymore and that belong to ex-employees. You have to monitor all privileged accounts and credentials yourself and install protocols that record, log, and track confidential account activities. These protocols will immediately respond to any unusual activities and terminate or reduce the potential damage as soon as an attack takes place. 

Careless Employees

Even if your employees are loyal, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will not reveal privileged information. Some employees can be tricked into sharing information with outsiders. Attackers can take the form of friends and can seem harmless, manipulating employees to reveal confidential information. However, attackers don’t have to directly approach employees. If an employee leaves their phone or laptop unattended, this can also be a threat. It is also possible that information can be leaked if an employee visits unauthorized websites, clicks on suspicious links and emails, or uses weak passwords. 


To avoid this, employees should be trained and taught how to protect themselves and their electronic devices from online threats. They should also be educated on managing passwords, avoiding phishers and scammers, and creating strong passwords. Urge them to use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols in all their passwords. Teach them the importance of changing passwords frequently and using different ones on each registered application or website. Implementing a password management system can make this process easier for them. Many companies in Perth use validated encryption and multifactor authentication to protect their business data from these malicious threats. Professionals at Perth based security company advise that you provide your business with a unique security solution that creates passwords, encrypts files, and continuously repels any cyber attacks. Teach your employees about how they may be approached by attackers and how they should react when this happens. 

Personal devices

Personal devices, like mobile phones, USBs, and laptops, are a looming security threat. According to a study, a large number of companies were affected in the last year due to security breaches caused by personal devices. Employees constantly use their devices to access and share business-related data. When unauthorized devices are connected to corporate networks, any malware can easily access this network connection. 


Implement policies that restrict the use of personal devices to access business information. You can also execute security solutions that separate business applications and information on their devices. Make sure that they are encrypted, controlled, and monitored by the IT department. You can block USB ports and additional peripherals on company-owned devices. 



If this is not a feasible solution, carry out measures that will allow employees to use USBs securely. For example, you can encrypt all the files that are transferred to USBs. You can also implement trusted device measures that prevent them from being accessible on unauthorized devices.


With evolving technologies, businesses are becoming more prone to security issues and threats. Internal and external information breaches can be very harmful to businesses. They pose many threats to the business’s reputation, as well as its success. Many entrepreneurs and business owners can be unprepared for these threats. To help prepare them for such risks, we gathered the most common and largest security issues and their respective solutions. 


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