Digital Privacy Trends in 2021

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Generally speaking, the main goal of digital privacy is to honor consumers’ data and give them control over how it is used. Data security and data privacy are two completely different things that many mistakenly think are the same, but there are differences.

Data privacy isn’t about protecting sensitive information, but rather the manner in which specific people’s data is being used. Each internet user has their own choices and preferences regarding consenting to sharing, selling, or tracking their private data.

The same goes for businesses too. Nowadays, companies are required more than ever before to go to great lengths to ensure digital privacy and safety for their customers and employees. In 2021, digital privacy will continue to be a vital part of everyday life for consumers and businesses alike. With that in mind, let’s see some of the digital privacy trends for 2021.

Customer-Centric Technology Solutions

Privacy regulations are crucial for businesses, especially for companies that focus on individual consumers and their preferences. Therefore, these businesses need customer-centric software solutions that will help them achieve their goals.

In 2021, we can expect to see more data privacy companies that offer customer-centric solutions for automated data discovery, data mapping, and more. Modern organizations are increasingly moving away from manual solutions that don’t deliver impressive results.

Since we live in the age of automation, data privacy companies will deliver new and effective customer-centric solutions for businesses that will protect both consumers and organizations. One such innovation that might become more prominent in 2021 is AI participation in data protection. Experts believe that machines could run scans around-the-clock to find potential violations of data privacy laws.

Focus Shift on Customer Experience

While we’re at customer-centricity, we can’t but mention the shift of business focus toward providing exceptional customer experience to each consumer. Businesses are already using privacy solutions to offer their consumers customer-centric views of the data they have on them.

However, 2021 will take this to a whole new level. Companies will be more focused on using cutting-edge data privacy tools to offer their consumers a completely customer-centric experience. On the other hand, consumers have become increasingly aware of their rights regarding businesses using their private data for different purposes.

There are strict regulations regarding data sharing and selling. However, consumers are seeking control over the data they are required to share with companies online. Additionally, they want to be informed of the way their data is used. Since such control will take some time to take shape, users are responsible for maintaining their digital lifestyles.

Because of ever-growing privacy concerns, both internet users and businesses will increasingly turn to cybersecurity solutions. One of the options is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It’s a user-friendly and straightforward way to add a layer of protection to your online adventures and make sure your private data remains just that – private. While a personal VPN is in charge of securing consumers from invasive tracking and geo-blocks, companies should look into comparable options. Start exploring VPNs and how they can bring benefits to your business, both security, and convenience-wise.

Privacy Centers

2021 will see the rise of privacy centers. Some organizations are already on board with this solution and are entirely focused on the end-user rather than selling their products. These centers help sales experts with data gathering, retention, and analysis by offering privacy-related analytics tools, the latest insight into data subject rights, and more.

Businesses use these tools to manage consumer data and every aspect of obtaining data from consumers. Privacy centers make managing privacy policies much easier as companies can shift focus on managing data subject requests via one platform.

More importantly, a good privacy center tool allows a company to consolidate and integrate all valuable consumer data in one database and manage every piece of data from one place while funneling all consumers into one platform. That’s how modern businesses make the most out of their marketing and advertising goals while ensuring maximum privacy for every end-user.

The Rise of Ransomware

Data privacy and security revolve around protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of the user’s data, its availability, and integrity. However, the latest ransomware attacks prove that it’s hard to prevent intrusions no matter how much you invest in your cybersecurity.

Since almost every data breach results in ransomware, one way or the other, 2021 will see more companies shifting focus on detecting intrusions. It’s essential to identify these threats before they escalate beyond control and result in valuable and sensitive data being stolen or lost irreversibly.


The more the world depends on the internet’s power to go around, the more the importance of digital privacy will continue to grow. Both businesses and consumers want to know their data is safe and secure. 


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