How Businesses Use Tech for Efficiency

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With advanced business-focused technologies getting ever closer to centre stage in just about all brands across the globe, there’s a good chance you’re looking to make 2021 the year of efficiency for your organisation. 

There are a myriad of software suites and technologies out there that help with everything from signing staff into buildings faster through to the collection of customer data to better know when to reach your clients to save your time — and if you’re not making use of tech like this, you’re going to be left behind. 

As businesses across Australia and the globe begin to rely on automated accounting software though to project management services like PMO 365 for everything from inter-company communications to scheduling, you’re certainly going to find something that saves your brand time, money and drives profitability through the roof. 

If you’re looking for a few tips for which technologies and software suites to use for business efficiency, we have the perfect list for you below. 

Take a look. 


Real-time Remote Communication

With the pandemic changing the way the world works, we’re now looking toward technologies which enable real-time communication and collaboration between team members that are located nowhere near one another. 

These are the tools that are going to majorly push your brand’s efficiency through the roof given that you’re able to cut out commute times for non-essential staff and have them on-call and working at all times. 

To add, these solutions also make the outsourcing and employment of new staff entirely effortless. You can hold meetings, add team members and delegate work to anyone, anywhere in the country with ease and be done with a project in far less time. 

For example, contractors can simply be hired, put to work and complete projects without ever needing to take up your valuable time for meetings, job interviews and other processes. 


Utilising Remote Desktops and Servers

For the businesses that rely heavily on computer-based workflows, you’ll know that efficiency and work output can take a massive hit if your staff aren’t able to access their personal computers, or if someone accidentally leaves the device behind. 

With 5G connections and always-available WiFi becoming commonplace, you’re able to offer your workplace’s computers remotely to just about any device. That in mind, your employees will always have access to files, documents, client information and more from wherever they are in the world. 

This is a significant game changer for brands who need to rely on these datasets to operate effectively, and you’ll soon notice that your staff can become ever more productive when all of the information they need is just a swipe, click or a tap away. 


Automation of Repetitive Tasks

As you might know from experience, mundane and monotonous tasks can quickly destroy productivity in the workplace and drain just about all the motivation from staff members. 

With technology, businesses are able to rely on software to simply automate and ‘delete’ these monotonous tasks from a workflow and keep everyone on their high-energy A-game all day during work hours.

Although it’s hard to spotlight exactly which tasks and tools are being used for these tasks, we can say that there are a tonne of customer services out there which develop software for brands and their own monotonous task mitigation. 

Whether you’re dealing with the mundane password creation and sharing tasks, you can rely on software to create new passwords on a weekly basis and share these with all of your staff at the touch of a button — stripping the need for your staff to do this. 


Collaborative Project Management Software

Another key point to keep in mind is that your workforce must remain in contact and be communicating with one another at all times. 

This isn’t to say that there should be gossip and time-wasting, but rather everyone should feel as part of one large group working toward a common goal. With brands using project management tools to do this, they’re seeing around a 12 per cent jump in workplace efficiency without making too many changes at all. 

Given that humans are social animals, we thrive in situations where we’re all connected and working together — and businesses which are able to replicate this feeling through software and technology, are seeing major gains in workplace productivity. 



With all of those points and technologies out of the way, it isn’t too hard to see that keeping your staff empowered, connected and motivated with technology is going to offer major efficiency boosts. 

Of course, you won’t need to rely solely on the technology to do the work to increase your brand’s productivity, but rather use these tools to empower and invigorate the workforce you’re already employing. 

Always remember that the driving force behind your success are your employees, which means that any tool, service or technology that supports them in any avenue is going to work wonders when it comes time to boost profitability and efficiency at work. 

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