How Technology is Influencing Human Behaviour

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From smartphones and smartwatches to artificial intelligence, technology has come a long way. It has impacted many industries and areas of life and our human behavior has changed along with it. Even if you think you’re immune, you’re not. Consider things you have grown up with, the internet, TV remote controls, digital cameras, and of course, no more map reading if you use GPS. It would be unthinkable to have to get out of your seat to change the TV channel, but that was a way of life up until the early 80s. 


People rely on technology so much that even now, businesses are developing their strategies around it. The traditional way of interaction between a seller and buyer has changed drastically with e-commerce companies like eBay and Amazon leading the way. With a click of a keyboard, we can have whatever our heart desires and usually within 24 hours – as long as we can pay for it, of course.


Technology and Social Behavior


Think about how technology changed our social behavior. Right now, we prefer to interact on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even Tiktok. Use SMS messages rather than picking up the phone or even sending an email. An actual physical letter or handwritten card only exists in the lives of the ‘baby boomer’ generation. 


Zoom and other meeting platforms have replaced the traditional way of meeting face to face. 


We can’t ignore that the social bond that we humans share has been affected by technological advancement. Think of when we used to hang out with our friends and families; these are now a distant memory; the speed of change has accelerated with the global pandemic. Technology has meant we can keep an eye on our family’s vulnerable members when we could not visit them; this is a significant benefit of technology and one that could not have been predicted before 2019.


Positive Effects of Technology


According to a scholarly article written by Matthias Rauterberg from The Technical University Eindhoven in the Netherlands, collaborative game playing necessitates social skills development. For example, it involves deciding on, defining, and agreeing on goals. Rauterberg says that children exposed to prosocial content have more positive social interactions, show more altruistic behavior and self-control, and have less stereotypical views than those who are limited to standard learning strategies.


Not only can technology help children learn about the wider world, but technology can also help businesses to promote sustainability and ecology. It sounds crazy, but it’s accurate that digital technologies can help address the challenges of tackling pressing issues such as climate change and promoting sustainable development. Forward-thinking, entrepreneurial organizations, are adopting innovative approaches to answer the difficult challenges faced by society.


Focusing on enhanced technology and employing a research plan to generate new business models and new ways of thinking. As a result, positive change will be a by-product. It is believed that digital sustainability can spur innovation and strategy to impact society positively.


Imagine if we all lived in ‘smart’ houses, used ‘smart’ transportation systems, and connected to ‘smart’ electricity grids? Towns and cities would feel the increase of economic flows by merely lowering costs. Take this philosophy and implement it into your everyday life, and you will cut costs, increase productivity, and look after the environment in one fell swoop.


Make Technology Work For You

Technology is here to stay, so you might as well take advantage of it, use technology to make your life easier, and understand that it is not your reality but a tool that enhances it.


One positive aspect of technology is that it’s easier to learn. Internet search engines are an all-embracing library that has allowed us to access all kinds of information in seconds, from anywhere. Learning is much easier and cheaper since you can take a course on practically any subject without enrolling in a specialized class or institution.


The combination of technology and recent events means that flexible living and working are now the new norms. Even once this pandemic has passed, the trend looks set to continue, with large companies such as Twitter, Apple, and Microsoft already stating that their staff can work from home indefinitely if they wish to.


For many, working from home has been life-changing. Think no commuting, more flexible hours, with a lessened environmental impact, along with being able to choose the location from which they can work. All this is possible, thanks to technology.


Socially until we can meet in bars and clubs again, internet dating and virtual socializing will remain popular. For Generation Z, the young people who have never known a time without mobile phones or the internet, this way of interacting will certainly remain for a long time to come.

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