How To Have A Good Business Phone Presence

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Businesses need to maximize every available channel to maintain their presence in a competitive world. Having a business phone number can address the growing need of customers to connect. This communication tool conveys the business’s willingness to communicate to its clients. It’s a transparent way of connecting, letting customers know that you’re open to answer whatever queries they may have, and accept feedback on products and services. It assures customers that you are approachable in every possible way. 


Business partners can also sense your professionalism when you have a strong phone presence. It reflects your emphasis on communication as a vital tool to grow your business network. Suppliers will be able to reach you through your registered phone number, making it easier to conduct business transactions despite the distance or time zone.  A business phone presence also ensures that your brand sets its mark on the market and that your voice makes a difference.


So how does a business establish a strong phone presence? The answer to this question is to take advantage of phone technology. While traditional landlines exist, there are several new phone technologies businesses can consider as they aim for a healthy business phone presence.  


Improving Your Business Phone Presence 

Phone presence entails being accessible. For businesses, it’s crucial to establish connections with prospective customers to enhance their reach. It’s also essential to maintain client interactions and foster brand loyalty. A business phone presence can ensure all these. For businesses to gain a definite presence in the market and an impact on consumers, they need to:


Get a business phone number 

The first thing you’ll need to establish a strong phone presence is to have the appropriate technology. Virtual phone numbers powered by VoIP technology allows businesses to make calls using a laptop or mobile phone. You can call anytime or anywhere as long as you have reliable internet connectivity.

Getting a virtual phone system provides several advantages for your business. 

  • First, it opens your business to communicate with customers. This strategy garners customers’ trust that you are a reputable business worth their time and inquiry.
  • Second, a business phone number projects a positive image of your business size and capacity. Listing toll-free numbers and local numbers, as well as the click-to-call option on your website, shows customers that you value their concerns and expect them to reach out to you for answers and solutions.
  • Third, business phone numbers can also unite your staff and encourage collaboration among workers. VoIP enables information sharing, making it an ideal tool for internal business communications.

Automate Inbound and Outbound Calls 

Customer connections increase in connection to your business’ growth. You can manage call volume by installing an auto dialer app that can effectively handle inbound and outbound calls. Automated dialers allow sales agents to spend more time closing their deals than on contacting prospects. It can also ensure outbound call success by creating voice notes and announcements that can increase productivity. If your business has a large amount of inbound and outbound calls, or you’re going to reach that, you need a multi-line phone. It allows multiple customers to contact your business phone number at the same time. Agents can also accomplish two or more calls simultaneously with a multi-line phone system.

Train Agents

A business phone presence goes beyond predictive features to include in-depth human interaction. A call indicates a person’s interest in your brand, and it is your responsibility to make sure that reaching out to you is worth their time. 

As such, businesses need to train agents to assume the role of being the ‘voice’ of your business. The tone, language, intelligence, and empathy they employ over the phone can give an impression of your business as a caring establishment, or it can convey otherwise. The agent-customer interaction plays a crucial role in your business as it drives sales and establishes meaningful connections that eventually translate to brand loyalty.  

Call Your Business

Building your phone presence begins with installing technology and reinforcing it with human interaction. However, you’d also need to ensure that these systems are indeed effective. You can gauge the performance of your virtual phone systems and automated dialers to call your business. Doing so brings gaps to your attention and requires you to perform necessary adjustments to make the phone interaction a seamless experience. 

Experts advise calling your business several times throughout the day—morning, lunch, and towards the end of a workday to inform you how effective automated attendants address your concerns. You can even explore less popular options on your phone menu to check if everything is working OK or if certain adjustments are needed.  

Update Phone Menu Recordings

Auto attendants serve as an initial contact for customers.  Such recordings require regular upgrades to reflect your brand’s identity. It’s advisable to update recordings a few times each year to ensure it sounds fresh, fun, and engaging. Make it sound just like how you would entertain customers personally when they visit your store. A lively auto-attendant confirms your commitment to serve your customers.  

Personalize Queues

There are times when a customer may need to stay on the line before one of your agents takes on their concern. Instead of constant apologies and repeated assurances despite standby, use music to alleviate customer moods. You can also use queueing time to relay informational tidbits to inform customers about recent offers and products. You can even set up a trivia challenge and give small incentives as a token for their patience. These strategies can prove beneficial in establishing customer service as part of your brand identity.   

Provide Alternate Solutions

An additional feature of business phone presence is to provide customers with alternative contact methods when they’re unable to connect with an agent. Voicemail, an option to contact an operator by pressing zero on the menu or including an employee’s email address, can resolve customer concerns on weekends and off-business hours. You can even direct customers to FAQs or self-help sections on your website in the absence of available agents. These strategies enable your business to exhaust all possible means to resolve customer concerns and remain connected 24/7. 


Establishing a strong business phone presence is imperative for a business to thrive in a competitive world. Installing virtual phone systems give businesses the ability to assist customers by linking them with the appropriate department to handle their concerns. Auto dialer apps function as useful tools in managing customer-agent interactions, while updated phone menu recordings reflect the business’ continuous commitment to delivering excellent customer service. 

A commanding phone presence not only involves in-call interactions, as it can also direct customers to alternate solutions to address concerns. This method harnesses the customer’s self-help ability, making them empowered consumers of the brand and its products. 

In sum, business phone presence is an essential aspect of brand image. It serves as a venue for initial and succeeding interactions with customers and brand enthusiasts. A strong business phone presence capitalizes on appropriate technologies to address customer needs for connection and engagement. It makes the voice of the business an asset for growth and success.     


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