How to Pick the Right EHS Management Software

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One of the essential parts of managing a successful business is protecting your employees’ health and safety and reducing danger in their environment. This is called EHS management, or environment, health, and safety management.

Because of factors like the size of your staff and institution, the risks your employees are regularly working with, and the industry within which your company operates, EHS management is going to look different for every business. In recent years, EHS management software has grown in popularity for its ability to help managers keep people and environments safe and healthy.


The following will explore what EHS software is in more detail, as well as explain how you can go about choosing from among the many different EHS software systems available. Of course, for a more detailed breakdown of your particular EHS needs, reach out to a professional EHS consultant or software provider.


What Is EHS Management?


EHS management is the oversight of all company policies and procedures regarding the environment, health, and safety. EHS management’s goal is to reduce risk and harm for all staff, clients, and individuals who could be negatively influenced by environmental degradation caused by the work done by a business.


EHS management includes training programs explicitly designed to teach employees how to do their jobs without reducing the safety of themselves or others, as well as collecting incident reports and altering procedures to reflect better the reality of the work being done.

What Is EHS Management Software?


Because EHS management is such a serious undertaking and can dramatically impact the quality of employees’ lives, the software has been developed to help EHS managers stay on top of their work.


EHS software compiles data and paperwork in a singular, easy-to-access location. Managers and inspectors can then use this software to gain an overview of how safe a work environment is and how different procedures influence employees’ health and safety. The best EHS software often includes detailed tailoring to the specific industry you’re working in developed from external professionals’ risk assessments. It will also take into consideration the type of health and safety inspections you need to undergo legally.


What Makes A Good EHS Software?


When it comes to choosing an EHS software for your workplace, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Each industry and working environment has its own legal requirements regarding health and safety as well as its own concerns for employees.


An Effective Implementation Plan


When it comes to adopting new software in the workplace, one major factor that often gets overlooked is the implementation plan. Ensuring that staff members understand how the new software works and when and why to use it can make the difference between software being effective and ineffective. When speaking to an EHS software provider, ask them about their recommended implementation plan. A good EHS software will have a method that can help make the transition smoother.


Auditing Management Capabilities


A good EHS software will assist with the auditing process to help reduce the time needed and improve the effectiveness of safety audits. A good EHS software will allow you to filter your audits by different factors like supervisors, observations, and completion. It will also allow you to search for audits that haven’t been completed efficiently.


Incident Reporting That Is Easy And Encourages Employee Participation


When interviewing potential EHS software suppliers, ask about their other clients. In particular, ask whether incident reporting increased after clients implemented the software. Studies have shown that incident reporting—particularly for minor incidents that people tend not to think about—can significantly improve safety. This will give you a good idea of how user-friendly the software is and how effective it is at reducing risks.


Customer Service Options


When deciding to incorporate new software into your workflow and that of your employees, you need to be prepared for some struggles. Not everyone is digitally inclined, and software needs to run on an operating system that needs to meet specific requirements. Ask potential software providers what their customer service looks like. When you call with a question, will you be able to speak to someone directly? Does that person have programming experience and the ability to walk you through any steps you might need to follow?


The above factors are just a few of the things you need to consider when looking for an EHS software provider. Before you decide to go with any particular software, make sure you have a list of your specific needs regarding EHS and compare that list to what the software offers.

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