Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer in a Minor Car Crash?

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There are countless crashes on roads around the world every year and they lead to various levels of damage and injury. While the worst accidents can sadly result in death, these are fortunately very rare. Minor car crashes, however, are all too common, and many of us will be involved in some kind of vehicle incident at some point in our lives. When there has been a crash in which you have sustained serious injuries or damage to your car, it is always advisable to seek the services of an experienced attorney to help you get the compensation and justice which you deserve. But is that true in the case of a minor car crash.


In this article we will discuss why it is worth getting a lawyer even in a minor car crash.

1. Medical Bills Can Be Huge

Different car crashes lead to varying severity of injuries, but even a car crash which causes little damage to your vehicle can cause serious injuries. Broken bones, sprains, strains and internal injuries are all common, even in minor car crashes, and the resulting medical bills can be huge. One Florida personal injury lawyer explained to us that the cost of medical bills is one of the most highly disputed things in an accident compensation case. In Florida, as is the case across the US, the price of medical treatment and rising health insurance deductibles means that the other side will fight hard to avoid paying. Your lawyers will use your medical reports to prove that your injuries came as a result of the crash to ensure that you are appropriately compensated to cover the cost of the treatment.

2. Vehicle Repair Costs are Usually Expensive

As with injuries, the cost to repair your vehicle after a car crash can be huge, even if the damage doesn’t appear to be too extensive. Repairing or replacing bumpers, panels and other bodywork may be possible at a local garage but damage to the chassis or the mechanics of the car may mean that you need to return it to the manufacturer. In the most serious cases, the car may be a complete write-off meaning you will need to get the money to buy a replacement. Your attorney will ensure that the responsible party pays the money you are entitled to so that you can get the repairs done, or replace the car if necessary. The other side’s attorneys will certainly attempt to minimize the amount they pay out and try to avoid paying full value, but an experienced attorney will know how to hold them to account and get the money you need.

3. Insurance Companies are Notoriously Difficult

Usually when we think of hiring a lawyer, it is to help fight our corner against the other side. This is certainly true to an extent following a car crash, as the other party, including their own lawyers and insurance company, are certain to put up a fight when it comes to paying compensation. Insurance companies are highly profitable because of this reluctance to make payments but this isn’t just true for the other side, it is true for your own insurance company too. Many people have found that even after a legitimate accident, their insurance company refuses to pay based on some technicality or small print discrepancy. An experienced accident attorney will have seen all of this before, and will know exactly how to put pressure on your insurance company so that they pay the money you are entitled to.

4. You May Have Continuing Problems

Part of the reason why even minor car crashes are so frustrating is that the problems they cause often continue on and on. Vehicle damage can affect the performance of your vehicle long after the crash and you may need to get constant repairs and maintenance to try and return it to its former state. Likewise, car crashes can cause persistent injuries which can seriously affect your life. Your attorneys will ensure that you are fully compensated to cover these continuing problems for as long as they last. Non-economic damages cover unseen consequences of accidents like pain and suffering, as well as loss of earnings due to injuries or hospital visits. These can be difficult to prove so it is vital that you hire a skilled lawyer to represent you.


Getting an experienced lawyer is very important after every car crash, even the most minor. An innocuous accident can still cause a lot of damage and injury which could end up being billed to you without top legal representation. Make sure you reach out to an attorney who specializes in car crashes as they will know exactly how to maximize your chances of a successful legal case. 

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