The Twitter Debate: Does size really matter?

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Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms with over 330 million monthly users. In fact, it is so popular that every second there are over 600,000 tweets going off.  


Now with more users online than ever, how important is it to have a big follower base? Is quality still better than quantity, or does conformity call the shots?


How important is the size of one’s army when one is seizing command? Will someone with 10 followers create a bigger impact than someone with a 1,000 followers?


Like the Battle of Thermopylae, many agree that yes, the 300 spartans were valiant and brave, but at the end of the day, the win goes to Persia’s vastly superior number of followers. It is a tragic but realistic tale of the power of numbers.


On such a huge platform, where countless pieces of information are traveling at light speed… sheer volume matters more than anything else.


 Here’s why.


The big players


Look at the top 10 accounts with the most followers. With over 70 million followers, all of these individuals are the biggest influencers in the world. Like former president Barack Obama or footballer Christiano Ronaldo, or even famous singer Ariana Grande?


 Of course, these are not just regular people. A normal person might never have that many followers, but there are ways of getting close to it. With an incredible amount of followers, your credibility and influence is reinforced.


How do I increase my follower size?


The best way to get Twitter followers and influence overall is to get a content manager. There are many different ways to go about this. The easiest and most affordable way of course, is with a growth service. 


The best thing about a growth service is avoiding bots, which too much of, adversely, will kill your influence instead. Growth services such as Twesocial provide organic and real followers that will back your credibility up. Twesocial’s growth service is even recommended by Venturebeat.


With real results, real retweets, and real comments, you are provided with all the necessary means of success on Twitter.


What can I do with this influence?


As mentioned, with so many followers, your area of influence increases along with it. The more real users trust you, the more other accounts will as well. This gives you more authority, especially those in a specialized niche. 


For example, if you are an influencer, nobody is going to listen to you if you have only 100 followers. But with 10,000 people reacting to you, imagine the crowd that garners around you; boosting your business to greater heights. Or if you are a musician, the extra exposure would ensure your music is on the path of virality!


Having a large follower base gives opens up many doors of opportunity for you, doors that would lead you to the wishes of your wildest reams.


Show me the money


The best part of all is not just the fact that your opportunities increase, but also your prices. Your perceived value skyrockets. With the sudden increase in demand for your presence or services, naturally, your rates also deserve a steep drive up.


Furthermore, you can save a ton of money on advertising as your sphere of influence is large, a single tween goes far into the annals of Twitter to discover. That’s not all. Once you get bigger, you will even get scouted and paid to promote a product.


Yes, when you are established enough, you get paid to get free stuff.


Try and compare the difference of livelihood of someone with 10,000 followers as compared to someone with 100. They could say the exact same thing, but you probably already know what the results would be like. 


Therefore, without a single doubt, size really does matter.

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