Top Ways Developers Can Prevent Data Loss in Application Development

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In the highly tech-driven era of today, the number of applications being developed is continuously on the rise. However, according to surveys, over 3000 applications leak sensitive information to users. It includes both business data and personal information of users. Moreover, with the increase in the use of mobile apps and the advancement of technology, hackers can now easily access applications and steal private information of users. To limit such criminal activities, the application developers need to adapt the data loss prevention techniques during the development stage. This can help in protecting the private data of the users and providing them with enhanced user experiences.

In this article, you will explore the various ways in which developers can prevent potential data leaks of mobile applications.


  • Use Encryption Keys


The use of encryption keys is one of the most effective techniques for data leak prevention in application development. Data processing is known as a sensitive part of mobile applications as it contains various sensitive information. Therefore, it is important to ensure optimum security of data processing to avoid potential data loss. However, most people wonder about the ways of securing data processing. Well, among all the available options, using the encryption keys is the best option. 

With the help of encryption keys, you can easily encrypt all the app data and ensure optimum protection against hacking. Once the data is encrypted, it will appear in a unique form that cannot be decoded until the cryptographic techniques are used. The use of encryption keys minimizes the chances of hacking, thereby enhancing the security of user data. It not only provides a better user experience but also improves the overall performance of the application.


  • Avoid Data Caching


Data caching has become a common element of application development strategies in recent times. Data caching refers to the approach of storing data in a temporary location for reuse. Most developers make use of this technique as it offers convenience and avoids the need to type any information. However, this strategy can open doors for potential data loss or leakage. 

It stores various information, including sensitive data and passwords. Loss of such information can affect the privacy of the users. Therefore, it is important on the part of the app developers to avoid using the data caching technique. Setting up ideal input types, refraining from copying content from the clipboard, and blocking auto-caching can help in effective data leak prevention


  • Implement HTTPS for Security


HTTP protocol generally finds a use for data transmission between a server and a mobile application. However, the data transmitted using this protocol does not undergo any encryption. So, to ensure optimum security, it is important to use the versions of HTTP that come with encryption. This can help in avoiding the potential risk for the user information. 

The HTTPS that has their basis on TLS or SSL certificate can offer high security to the data while sharing. However, there are multiple SSL providers who offer cheap SSL certificates to ensure optimum data security. However, while implementing security, it is essential to ensure accurate care. 

Implement the HTTPS connection can prevent a man-in-the-middle attack. The attack allows a program between the server and the application to decrypt the connection, read it, and encrypt it again. It can result in the misuse of user data. However, by adding the SSL certificate in application code, developers can easily prevent such attacks. 


  • Consider Application Logs


Application logs are one of the significant data loss prevention techniques that developers can use. App logs prove to be helpful for professionals while going through the algorithm works that are behind the mechanism of data processing. Considering application logs helps in ensuring the right sequencing of data processing and availing desirable outcomes. 

However, a matter of concern is that the app logs may contain sensitive information such as access tokens or passwords. This sensitive information is readily available for accessing and reading by the public. Therefore, it is important for the developers to consider the application logs. 

To address the situation, the application developers need to ensure that the applications do not make use of logs. Even though the app logs may seem to be useful, developers need to avoid using them during the production phase of the applications.


  • Use VPN


When you are using the public Wi-Fi network, it is advisable to make use of a VPN connection. VPN works best in protecting all the data and keeping them secure from potential attacks by programs on the same public network. Moreover, using a VPN can also help in hiding your IP address and preventing any kind of filtering. 

It provides you an opportunity to explore various content on the web without disclosing your IP address. It also helps in protecting you from being exposed to the free public network where others can easily access your phone data. Make sure to invest some time in good research and choose the best VPN provider.


  • Follow Latest Guidelines of Application Development


Finally, another significant technique of data loss prevention is following the latest app development guidelines. By incorporating and strictly adhering to these guidelines, app developers can effectively prevent the loss of sensitive user data. This also ensures the application that is available on the app stores is completely free from any kind of spam.


With the increase in the rate of hacking, making the applications protected is a prime responsibility of all developers. While there are various ways of preventing data leakage of applications, the developers can use one as per their convenience. Starting from installing SSL certificates to using VPN, there are plenty of techniques available for optimum user data protection. 

Considering the pros and cons of each of the methods is important before implementation. When developing applications, developers need to be familiar with potential problems first. This will enable them to adapt better solutions and effectively reduce the chance or risk of data loss.

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