Office Life: 6 Tips to Get the Most Out of YouTube Music

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Music can be both soothing can motivating at the office or at home. One of the most popular platforms for listening to music and watching music videos  – YouTube – has been the main source of education, amusement, and learning to do something you have never done, just a click away.

The only problem, seems to be, is that the YouTube app experience isn’t mobile-friendly, since the app automatically pauses playback or closes when you change apps or turn off your phone.

One of the ways to change that is considering YouTube Music –  a music streaming service that is personalized only to you, based on your listening history. Like any platform, it is quite usable and quite good at offering up music that’ll keep you going, but there are still ways to improve the listening experience.

Making Mixtapes

When feeling in the mood for listening to music it can be very boring to select every single song one after another. Luckily for us, the app gives us a choice of two different algorithms for making mixtapes. 

“Offline Mixtape” is, as the name implies, available offline, and has a cap of 100 songs max. It is refreshed every day based on the songs in your library that you listened to previously so it’s a great way to keep you in your vibe even when you are out of reach of wifi. 

“Your Mixtape” is more like a personalized radio, that will automatically search and play new songs depending on what your search history tells it. Giving certain songs a thumbs up or down will put that style or artist up or down the list of preferences. Perfect for keeping an office atmosphere or mood going. 

Saving Music to Your Computer or Phone

Having music videos available always, without having them buffer or play commercials beforehand, is not always possible on the classical YT site. That’s why you should look into some of the best YouTube to MP3 converters available today as they are very easy to use. One of the key features you should look out for is that the converter saves the same quality of the file while downloading it so it doesn’t sound any different when you play it back! 

Easier Searching For Songs

One of the best aspects of YouTube Music is how easy it has become to search for songs old and new. Earlier you either had to know the name of the song or if you only knew the artist there would be endless scrolling through the site until you found what you wanted.

This app offers a convenient way of finding songs by typing in lyrics, so even if you only remember some catchy chorus it can be used to find the exact song on your mind. This has proven to be a great time-saver, an important thing when you consider how much time we spend listening to music in general. 

Switching Only to Wi-fi

It is easy to get carried away with cellular data while leaving the office or coming to a friend’s house but forgetting to catch the local internet. So having some music stored beforehand to have on the go is one thing, but it is also much nicer to not have any worries if you will have a hefty bill because you wanted to see some videos while out of the house.

In the Settings option in the app, there is a handy little switch that can save you a lot of money in the long run. Having the choice of using only Wi-fi is probably the most economical feature of the program and we can wholeheartedly recommend it. 

Having a Restricted Mode for Kids

Mainly oriented towards parents and some institutions – the Restricted Mode is a way of managing what videos cannot be viewed. It is easy to understand why some libraries, colleges, and schools wouldn’t want their data being used on pure leisure content and not for studying. 

In the same manner, parents of small children would want to protect them from inappropriate content that can be found on certain artist’s music spots or songs in general. 

Using Playlists as Alarms

Wouldn’t be great if you could have a nice, but not too repetitive, melody to wake up to using this app? Well, luckily there is a way for it! 

Android users have the benefit of using their YouTube music playlists as alarms and wake-up calls. Google offers a nifty addition in their Google Clock App where under the Alarm tab you can choose albums or streaming services to play instead of a repetitive beep.

With the advance and profiling of the music industry, we have become so overwhelmed with so many available artists and genres that it is almost a chore to find something we specifically like. So why not embrace the new tools also and see how this app can make our music listening experience not a chore but a delight.

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