Which Online Casino Bonuses Should You Use?

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The world is constantly modernizing and everything is becoming extremely easy and cheap to access. With this growth in technology, there is one industry that has truly capitalized on the bandwagon and have grown almost exponentially in the past few years. The gambling industry has gone online, giving birth to a new generation of online casinos, where players can easily gamble recreationally, from anywhere and any time at all.


However, sometimes, the ease of access is just a bonus feature for many players. The biggest attractions and what makes demand so high are the lucrative welcome bonuses online casinos offer in conjunction to their traditional counterparts. 


For those of you who are unaware, a welcome bonus could be thought of as a gift package for new players and members. Traditional casinos do this by giving you a set amount of chips after your initial membership purchase. Online casinos, similarly, give you freebies such as chips, initial funding, free spins, increased chance to win and a ton of other goodies. Online casino’s bonuses can be so great that the house even potentially rigs the machine in YOUR favor instead!


If you are looking to register an online casino, one of the best things to look at are which bonuses to use. Here are a few tips on how to do so.


No deposit bonus


A no deposit bonus is just as the namesake implies, you do not have to deposit any money prior to playing. Essentially, by cashing out on your no deposit bonus, it gives you the opportunity to either win big, or lose nothing. You can play for free while others have to pay to play. In many cases, this is a win-win situation.


Because of the free spin nature of a no deposit bonus, it has slowly become one of the most in-demand and popular bonuses expected by users worldwide. It has become a new standard for every online casino, and if you want to know where to find some of the best no deposit bonus casinos, Casinoreviews has a list that can be visited here. However, keep in mind that every online casino has their own versions of no deposit bonus, each including unique fine prints that you must be familiar with. These guidelines and rules are very important to follow as casinos are strict with this bonus and any non-compliance would end in the bonus being nullified. 


Wagering requirements 


The first thing you have to look at are wagering requirements. Essentially, a wagering requirement is as it’s namesake, a minimum bet you have to make to play the game. This prevents people from betting for free or for a few cents, while others bet much bigger amounts. Each game and each online casino has their own individual wagering requirements set by the house themselves.


A wagering requirement is always good to look at, as you know exactly the level of bets other players will do. For example a low wagering requirement with a high payout means it is designed to be played over long term by you and other players. Meanwhile, a medium wagering requirement with decent payouts through multiple players is for house games such as Texas HoldEm and Roulettes, it keeps it relatively fair for both the player and the house alike.


Try to steer clear from games with ludicrous wagering requirements as most of the time, machines with a very high minimum bet requirement would cause you to lose a ton of money.


The games you are good at 


If there is one thing you should definitely do, it is to play to your strengths. That means the best way to win big is by choosing a bonus for games you are good at playing. It not only boosts your already high chances of winning, you will also be able to meet every condition easily and add on to your success.

For example, if you are good at blackjack or Texas HoldEm poker, then stick to those. Especially the variants with good payouts and wagering requirements. By playing to your strengths, not only will you be able to win due to your inherent skills, you can win bigger because these bonuses are an add on to your winnings.


Likewise, if you are not good at a game, then avoid using your bonuses on these games. For example, you might not be good at slots, which is fine, you can still play it. But it is best to be played in its vanilla form without your bonuses as you might just end up flushing your advantage down the toilet.


 Free Spin


Last but not least, free spins are the most basic bonuses every casino offers. They are used for slot games and basically, allow you for free spins. Depending on the online casino, the number and frequency of free spins is highly varied. 


To know exactly what you are working with, it is best to read the terms and conditions of your free spins so you know how to claim it and what are your chances and payoffs.


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